Child Labour resources

March 2020

  1. ILO supports development of handbooks to fight child labour

    To enhance the awareness and capacity of stakeholders implementing international labour commitments related to child labour in supply chains, a handbook is being developed with support from the ENHANCE Project.

  2. Government to upgrade child labour data software with ILO support

    The new system which will help to effectively monitor child labour situation in Viet Nam will be in place by the end of April.

February 2020

  1. Students in Hanoi speak out against child labour through artistic expression

    Students in Hanoi raise awareness on child labour through drama performances as part of the programme, Supporting Children’s Rights through Education, Arts and the Media (SCREAM), which is being implemented across the country with support from ILO.

January 2020

  1. ILO holds 1st STEM for Workforce Readiness Technical Working Group Meeting

    The International Labour Organization held the 1st Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) for Workforce Readiness and Development Technical Working Group Meeting.

  2. Assessment of vulnerable youth economic integration opportunities in Myanmar

    This study was commissioned by the ILO’s MyPEC project in Myanmar to support the implementation of the National Action Plan on Child Labour (the NAP) in Myanmar. Economic empowerment of youth is a key strategy towards elimination of child labour in Myanmar. First of all, the prospects of entering decent employment or self-employment is a core motivational factor for children and families to pursue the long-term goal of education over the short-term goal of increased income through child labour, especially where resources are scarce and pursuing the long-term goal may mean immediate term sacrifices. If the prospects of economic empowerment/decent work at the end of one’s education are slim, children are more likely to drop out of school early and enter into child labour.

November 2019

  1. Government, employers and worker leaders emphasize on tripartite consultation, skills building and ratification of ILO Conventions on minimum age and forced labour

  2. Let them fly, don’t clip their wings !

    Ridma Weerawardena is the latest musician from around the world to join the ILO’s Global Music Against Child Labour Initiative. The song is his contribution to the global and Sri Lankan fight to end child labour

  3. Cotton picking women and adolescent girls of Southern Punjab sensitized on child labour, forced labour and OSH

    ILO organised series of five farm level awareness raising seminars cum workshops on child labour, forced labour and OSH for the cotton picking women and adolescent girls workers of Southern Punjab under its project “Elimination of Child Labour and Forced Labour in the Cotton, Textile and Garment Value Chains: an Integrated Approach” Co-funded by the European Union.

  4. Countries in Asia and the Pacific drive action to end child labour, forced labour and human trafficking

    Asia-Pacific countries committed to accelerate action and strengthen collaboration to ensure that all women, men, girls and boys are free from child labour, forced labour and human trafficking.

  5. No social justice without achieving Target 8.7

    Ms. Walter Dagmar, Director, DWT South Asia and India, addresses the gathering on behalf of ILO’s Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, Ms. Tomoko Nishimoto at the inaugural session of the Asia Regional Conference on Alliance 8.7