Staff list: ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Regional Management

Ms Chihoko ASADA-MIYAKAWARegional Director
Ms Panudda BOONPALADeputy Regional Director
Ms Monrudee SUCHARITAKULExecutive Assistant to the Regional Director
Ms Wanida LOSITHONGExecutive Assistant to the Deputy Regional Director

Regional Programming Services Unit

Ms Reiko TSUSHIMAChief
Ms Diane RESPALLRegional Programme Analyst
Ms Pamornrat PRINGSULAKAMonitoring and Evaluation Officer
Ms Napaporn UDOMCHAIPORNSenior Programme and Partnership Officer
Ms Rattanaporn POUNGPATTANAMonitoring and Evaluation Officer
Ms Suttida CHAIKITSAKOLProgramme Officer
Ms Suwandee NOKPUMOperations Assistant
Ms Kanokporn KANKHAYANOperations Assistant

Regional Administrative Services Unit

Mr David CLARKSONChief
Ms Danapakorn MIRAHONGOperations Assistant


Mr Nazeefullah ZAKHELFinance and Administrative Officer
Ms Sirin TRAKULSUTHISARNSenior Finance Assistant
Ms Pornsiri PATTANASUNTICHAISenior Finance Assistant
Ms Walailuk IAMRAKSAFinance Assistant
Ms Karuna KUMARFinance Assistant
Ms Natchaya WETPRASITFinance Assistant


Ms Jindavan KIATKAMOLKULSenior Finance Assistant 
Ms Revere TOKAREMSenior Finance Assistant
Ms Piemsuk WANICHUPATUMKULSenior Finance Assistant


Mr Chifri HAIDARARegional Information Technology Officer
Ms Nipaporn PARAPATANACHANSenior Information Technology Assistant
Mr Watcharapong POOTCHANSenior Information Technology Assistant
Mr Tossapol OUNHAPATTANASenior Information Technology Assistant

Logistics and Administration

Ms Yanisa CUMMINGSOperations Officer
Ms Pornthip PATANASANTISenior Operations Assistant
Mr Naris YANGKLANGOffice Support Assistant
Mr Soonthon MUANGKASEMDriver
Mr Wasan PHOLAMAIDriver
Mr Narong POLSENAMessenger

Regional Human Resources Development Unit

Ms Jin Ah LEERegional Coordinator for Human Resources
Ms Wandee JOYSARNHR Officer
Ms Thanyarak SIRIRATTANASOMBOONSenior HR Assistant
Ms Chayanin VEERAPONGHR Assistant
Ms Theeranutch PRASERTSAMRANHR Assistant

Regional Economic and Social Analysis Unit

Mr Ken C. SHAWAHead/Senior Economist
Mr Tite HABIYAKARERegional Labour Statistician
Mr Stefan KUEHNLabour Economist
Mr Felix WEIDENKAFFYouth Employment Expert
Ms Hatairat  THONGPRAPAIOperations Assistant

Regional Communications Unit

Regional Communication and Public Information Officer
Ms Chanitda WIWATCHANONSenior Communication and Information Management Officer
Ms Jiraporn WONGPAITHOONSenior Communication and Information Management Officer
Ms Kwantawan HONGLADAROMSenior Communication and Information Management Assistant

Regional Programmes, Projects and Knowledge Management

Mr Pong-sul AHNRegional Specialist in Workers' Education
Mr Jordi PRAT TUCATechnical Specialist, Skills and the Future of Work in the Regional Office

ILO/Japan Partnership Programme 

Mr Yasuo ARIGAChief Technical Adviser and Overall Coordinator
Mr Haruhiro JONOProgramme and Operations Specialist, SSN
Ms Manida PONGSIRIRAKProgramme Officer
Ms Vannaporn PALAKAWONG NA AYUTTHAYAAdministrative and Programme Assistant
- Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Supply Chains
Mr David WILLIAMSProject Manager
Mr Noppavut PRAVATNational Project Coordinator
Ms Nantapich SUJARITTHANARAKFinance and Administrative Assistant
- Promotion of a Safe and Healthy Working Environment as Fundamental principle and Right at Work through Application of Fundamental Conventions in Cambodia and Thailand (SSN/OSH)
Mr Phattaraset ARDCHAWUTHIKULWONGNational Project Coordinator
- Skills Development and Responsible Business Conduct for Transition
Ms Gizem KARSLI VAROLProject Technical Officer
(VACANT) Finance and Administrative Assistant

ILO/Korea Partnership Programme

Mr Hochul SHINChief Technical Adviser
Ms Aatcharaporn CHAOWAHEMProgramme Officer
Ms June KRAIRIKSHAdministrative Assistant

ILO/China Partnership Programme

Mr Feng TIANProject Manager/Coordinator
Ms Wanapa CHANVIRATFinance and Administrative Assistant

Regional Skills Programme

Ms Marie-Helene THOMASSenior Programme Officer

Promoting the Global Development Initiative with a Focus on South-South Cooperation in Employment in ASEAN

Mr Fredy GUAYACAN BENITEZProject Manager
Ms Yaqi LIJunior Professional Officer
Ms Tarinee YOUKHAWAdvocacy and Knowledge Management Officer
Ms Supitcha POLSUKFinance and Administrative Assistant

Tripartite Action to Enhance the Contribution of Labour Migration to Growth and Development in ASEAN (TRIANGLE IN ASEAN)

Ms Anna ENGBLOMChief Technical Adviser
Mr Andreas SCHMIDTTechnical Officer (M&E and Knowledge Management)
Ms Chonticha TANGWORAMONGKONNational Project Coordinator
Ms Kitiya KITITHAMMASTIANAdministrative Assistant
Ms Patitta ANGVANITCHAKULAdministrative Assistant

Promoting and Protecting the Rights of ASEAN Migrant Workers (ASEAN TRIANGLE II)

Ms Marja PAAVILAINENSenior Programme Officer
Ms Rebecca NAPIER-MOORETechnical Officer
Ms Phonchanok TAOTHONGProgramme and Admin. Assistant

Better Work

Mr Colin FENWICKHead of Quality and Factory Services
(Vacant)Monitoring and Data Analytics Officer
Ms Christina ROGERSTechnical Officer (Social Dialogue)
Mr Akira KAWASAKITechnical Officer (Finance and Programming)
Ms Shumin LIUTechnical Officer (Data Analytics and M&E)
Ms Marie-Lyne J. THOMASJr Technical Officer - Operations
Mr Abu Naser MD. SAMSUL HUDAJr Technical Officer - Communications
Ms Francesca BIASIATOJr Technical Officer - Gender, Diversity and Inclusion
Ms Anne Shanali WEERASURIYAJr Technical Officer - Capability Development
Ms Inthira TIRANGKURAProgramme Officer
Ms Onpreeya CHITPAKDEEProgramme Officer
Ms Isssiree Reungpoj MUNARBuyer Relations Officer
Mr Danchai SAITHANOOSystems Analyst and Programmer
Ms Duangta PAWAQuality Control and Operations Officer
Mr Chet THAOCHOOAdministrative and Finnace Assistant
Ms Sunan SUTHIKORNCOMPEEAdministrative and Finance Assistant
Ms Atikan PILANUNAdministrative Assistant

Protection of the Rights of Women and Children in Labour Migration (PROTECT)

Ms Deepa BHARATHIChief Technical Adviser
Ms Ratna MATHAI-LUKEProgramme Technical Officer (Research and M&E)
Ms Karnmanee THANESVORAKULNational Project Coordinator
Ms Su-angcana TUNGWORACHETProgramme and Administrative Assistant  

Skills for Prosperity Southeast Asia Programme

Ms Thitikorn POOLKHAOAdministrative Assistant

South East Asia Regional Programme on Labour Migration in the Fishing Sector - Ship to Shore Rights SE Asia

Ms Mi ZHOUChief Technical Adviser
Mr Benjamin HARKINSTechnical Officer
Mr Pichit PHROMKADECommunications Officer
Ms Anyamanee TABTIMSRINational Programme Coordinator
Mr Phumphat CHETIYANONTHM&E Knowledge Management Officer
Ms Pimploy SINAKORNSr. Admin. and Finance Assistant
Ms Penny SAKUNCHIRAPRABHAAdministrative Assistant