TRIANGLE in ASEAN programme contacts

Regional and national project staff

The TRIANGLE in ASEAN programme is coordinated from the International Labour Organization Regional Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. National Project Coordinators are present in all six implementing countries.

Regional Office Bangkok

Ms Anna Engblom
Senior Programme Manager
Tel.: +662 288 2245; Email

Ms Anna Olsen
Technical Specialist 
Tel.: +662 288 2233; Email

Ms Marja Paavilainen
Senior Programme Officer
Tel.: +662 288 2457; Email

Mr Andreas Schmidt
Technical Officer, Research and M&E
Tel.: +662 288 2753; Email

Ms Anjali Fleury
Technical Officer
Tel.: +662 288 2457 ext. 1724; Email

Ms Helene Thor
Communications Officer
Tel.: +662 288 1733; Email

Mr Veth Vorn
National Project Coordinator (NPC) for Cambodia
Tel.: +855 12777264; Email 

Mr Vongtavanh Sayavong
National Project Coordinator (NPC) for Lao PDR
Tel.: +856 20 7777 8421; Email

Ms Anna Engblom
Senior Programme Manager
Tel.: +662 288 2245; Email

Ms Wai Hnin Po
National Project Coordinator (NPC) for Myanmar
Tel.: +95 925 411 1394; Email

Mrs. Kuanruthai Siripatthanakosol
National Project Coordinator (NPC) for Thailand
Tel.: +662 288 1354; Email

Viet Nam
Ms Nguyen Thi Mai Thuy
National Project Coordinator (NPC) for Viet Nam
Tel.: +884 3734 0902 (ext. 319); Email