Thai Ministerial Regulation on Domestic Workers (unofficial translation)

Thailand's Ministerial Regulation No. 14 to protect domestic workers, issued in October 2012 (B.E. 2555)

Unofficial Translation

Ministerial Regulation

No 14 (B.E 2555)

Promulgated pursuant to the Labour Protection Act B.E 2541 (A.D. 1998)

By virtue of the provisions under section 4 paragraph two and section 6 paragraph one of the Labour Protection Act B.E 2541 (A.D. 1998) which is a law certain provisions of which relate to limitations imposed upon individuals’ rights and liberties so permitted by the provisions of section 29 together with section 33, section 41, and section 43 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand by virtue of legal provisions, the Minister of the Ministry of Labour promulgates this Ministerial Regulation as follows

The provisions in (2) of the Ministerial Regulation (B.E. 2441: A.D. 1998) promulgated pursuant to the Labour Protection Act B.E. 2541 (A.D. 1998) shall be repealed, and the following provisions shall be applied instead thereof:

“(2) The provisions in section 11/1, section 12, section 18, section 21, and section 22 in Chapter 1 (general provisions), Chapter 2 (general labour employment) from section 23 through section 27, section 31, and section 33 through section 37, Chapter 3 (women’s labour employment) from section 38 through section 43, Chapter 4 (child labour employment) from section 48 through section 50 and section 52, Chapter 5 (wages, overtime payments, wages for work on holidays, and overtime payments on holidays) from section 53 through 55 and section 70 [applicable only to parts not pertaining to wages and wages for work on holidays], section 57 paragraph two through section 61, section 63, section 65, section 66, section68, section 69, and section 71 through section 77, Chapter 6 (the wage committee) from section 78 through section 91, section 7 (welfare) from section 92 through section 99, Chapter 9 (control) from section 108 through 115/1, Chapter 10 (work suspension), from section 116 through 117, Chapter 1 (compensation) from section 118 through 122, and Chapter 13 (employees’ welfare fund) from section 126 through section 138 shall not be applied to employers employing workers to perform domestic work which does not involve business operations.”

Given this 30 October B.E.2555

Minister of Labour