Occupational Safety and Health Master Plan for Malaysia 2015

Occupational Safety and Health Master Plan for Malaysia 2015 (OSH-MP 15)

Policy | 06 August 2013
The Occupational Safety and Health Master Plan 2015 (2010-2015) (OSH-MP 15) is essentially the middle stage of a series of three consecutive 5-year action plans that began in 2005 which will culminate in 2020 with achievement of the safety culture. The document contains the pledge by key partners to implement the Plan.

The first stage which ended in 2010 was targeted towards spreading out OSH ownership to all key stakeholders and social partners. OSH-MP 15, as the second stage, focuses on building and sustaining the culture of self-regulation. By end 2015, self-regulation would have been fully ingrained into the working culture of all workplaces.

The main aim of the OSH-MP 15 is to build a safe, healthy and productive pool of human capital by creating, cultivating and sustaining a safe and healthy work culture in all organisations throughout Malaysia.

To achieve this aim, four strategies are envisaged, namely:
•Fostering and enhancing Government leadership and practices;
•Inculcating preventative workplace culture;
•Industry leadership and business & community engagement; and
•Strong partnerships locally and internationally.

Specific programmes and activities are foreseen under the individual strategies.

The National Council of Occupational Safety and Health is the entrusted agency to monitor the status and progress of the respective programmes.