Research Brief

Social Security Perception of the Youth in Pandemics

By November 2020 data, the social security system in Turkey covers 98 percent of the total population for healthcare, and 87 percent including dependants for social insurance branches. The Social Security Institution in charge of operating the social security system serves such a vast population of coverage through its organizational structure down to district level and by its well-developed e-service infrastructure.

The perception of such services by younger age groups sometimes differ from that of older age groups. The nature of social security that bear long-term benefits may result in a myopic attitude in the youth. While this leads to varying results for various generations, the perceptions and actions vis-à-vis social security by age 35 generally determine the benefits available to individuals in the future.
In this context, this study aims to evaluate the perception of the social security system by the age group 15 to 35 in Turkey. While undertaking such evaluation, efforts are made also to capture the challenging impact of COVID-19 pandemic on all social policy spheres.

The study indicates a serious degree of distrust by the studied age group in the social security system. It is noteworthy that women have stronger negative perception of the system than men do. This contrasts with the indicators that the social security system has a vast coverage and a widespread service network. The most important contribution of this study may be to stimulate curiosity into the root causes of such contrast.