July 2021

  1. © Gargalo Vasco 2021

    Cartoonists from all over the world draw their visions of forced labour

    30 July 2021

    To mark World Day Against Trafficking in Persons the International Labour Organization and Human Resources without Borders have announced the winners of an international cartoon competition on forced labour.

  2. © Kıvanç Özvardar / ILO 2021

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) for Turkey and the Social Security Institution (SSI) extend their partnership to support employees’ access to social protection

    27 July 2021

  3. © A. Gromico / ILO 2021

    Fewer women than men will regain employment during the COVID-19 recovery says ILO

    19 July 2021

    A new policy brief shows that the disproportionate job and income losses suffered by women during the pandemic will persist in the near future.

  4. Working to Eliminate Gender Wage Gap in the World of Work at Country Level, ILO Embarks on Achieving Equal Pay at Enterprise Level

    15 July 2021

    Having released a joint report with the Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) on estimating the gender wage gap (GWP) with a view to achieving gender equality and eliminating GWP in the world of work, the International Labour Organization (ILO) Office for Turkey now embarks on measuring GWP at enterprise level.

  5. ILO Turkey Organizes a Week of Awareness-Raising Events Around 12 June World Day Against Child Labour

    09 July 2021

  6. Happy women and their success!

    07 July 2021

    On 20 July 2020, towards an inclusive, resilient and green recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic, seven women partners with technical support from ILO Turkey and the financial assistance from the USBPRM, Limited Liability Meryem Women's Initiative Production and Operation Cooperative was founded.

  7. What is Decent Work?

    07 July 2021

  8. ILO Office for Turkey Supports Small Enterprises

    05 July 2021

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) Office for Turkey provides financial support of 11 million TRY in total through two schemes to micro-small enterprises, including particularly tradesmen, in order to contribute to responses to the economic and social impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

  9. Rebuild the better present and the future together

    03 July 2021

June 2021

  1. Global labour migration increases by five million

    30 June 2021

    A new ILO report estimates that between 2017 and 2019 the number of people migrating for work internationally increased from 164 to 169 million.