World Day Against Child Labour Event in Ordu

“World Day Against Child Labour” event held in Ordu in cooperation of ILO, MoLSS and Ordu Governorship

News | 13 June 2018

ORDU – A “World Day Against Child Labour” event was held in Ordu in cooperation of International Labour Organization (ILO), Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MoLSS) and Ordu Governorship.

At the event was held on the occasion of “12 June World Day Against Child Labour” with the participation of representatives from public institutions and organisations in the province of Ordu, including particularly the Governorship; the representatives of the ILO Office for Turkey, Ministry of Labour and Social Security and Ordu Governorship provided information on the action taken against child labour.

Speaking at the event, Governor Seddar Yavuz of Ordu elaborated on the activities for preventing child labour in the province of Ordu. Yavuz stated that they undertook basic education courses, sports, art and cultural activities for children in the modern temporary accommodation centres built for seasonal agricultural workers coming to the province for hazelnut harvest. He underlined the need for support from the public agencies as well as civil society organisations, volunteer organisations, trade unions, employers’ organisations, educators and media for work on combating child labour.

Mr. Şeref Kazancı, Deputy General Director of Labour of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, expressed that the “12 June World Day Against Child Labour” declared in 2002 was highly significant for enhancing social awareness and responsibility on the prevention of child labour. Noting that successful action has been taken since the early 1990s on combating child labour, he stated that they aimed, in “2018: Year Against Child Labour”, to accelerate the efforts, prioritise the prevention of child labour in the work undertaken, and enhance awareness in all segments of the society. Kazancı also expressed that important work was being undertaken under the “An Integrated Model for the Elimination of Worst Forms of Child Labour in Seasonal Agriculture in Hazelnut Harvesting in Turkey Project” implemented in partnership of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and ILO Office for Turkey.

Representing the ILO Office for Turkey at the event, Ms. Ceren Ababay Tosyalı explained the work on combating child labour, a primary area of ILO’s efforts. Underlining the importance of cooperation in implementing the project, Ms. Tosyalı thanked the governorship, ministry and all stakeholders for their support to the project.