Turkey’s first women cooperative consist of both Syrian and host community women is established

News | 21 February 2018
Turkey’s first women cooperative which consist of both Syrian and host community women named “Hepimiz Biriz- We are all one” is established.

Under the supervision of the ILO Office for Turkey, Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work’s (KEDV) carried out activities to support the establishment of new women cooperative composed of Harran women and Syrian refugee women in Harran district of Şanlıurfa within the context of the trainings for felting, ceramic, woodworking and knitting works conducted in Family Support Center.

Based on the needs analysis results, KEDV conducted trainings for women cooperatives in Harran and Mardin on “establishing, operating and managing cooperatives”, “women's leadership, respect for differences and communication” and “principles / rules, action plan, division of labor and resource creation” to support the establishment process and increase knowledge on division of labour, cooperative management, governance, responsibilities of the cooperative and its members, strategic planning, gender and leadership. KEDV also provided consultancy to the member of the cooperative in cooperation with the General Directorate of Cooperatives, Ministry of Customs and Trade to ensure the establishment of new women cooperative in Harran.

The Articles of the Association of Mardin Women Cooperatives supported by GAP Regional Development Administration were also revised to pave the way for Syrian women to become a member of the cooperatives.