News | 25 July 2017
This research report has been performed in order to obtain more information about Occupational Safety Experts (OSEs) and employers regarding their prescribed responsibilities and roles. The intent of this research was to document what employers, workers and their representatives, the judiciary, the media and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) professionals understand to be the role and responsibilities of the OSEs and the Occupational Physicians (OPHs) in the national OSH system and to assess whether there is lack of clarity about the role, responsibilities and work processes of OSH professionals as well as other relevant parties.

To obtain the views of as many OSH professionals as possible, an online survey was created and disseminated using the Occupational Health and Safety Registry, Tracking and Monitoring Programme (ISG KATIP) of the DGOSH. A total of 4322 OSH professionals, 4141 OSEs and 192 OPHs participated in the survey. The views of employers, workers and their representatives were collected through focus group discussions using four fictitious cases illustrating relevant OSH issues. Based on the facts presented in each of these cases, the participants expressed their views on the roles and responsibilities of the relevant parties. These group discussions were conducted with employers in Ankara, Gaziantep and Manisa (Soma) and with workers and their representatives in Bursa, Manisa (Soma) and İstanbul. Views were also collected from the judiciary through in person interviews with judges using a set of prepared questions, again targeting the relevant OSH issues. Information was also collected from media representatives through a written questionnaire.

One of the most important contributions of this study is to collect the views of relevant stakeholders about OSH in Turkey and their recommendations on how to improve the national OSH system and the safety and health of Turkey’s workplaces.
This survey has been performed within the scope of the project “Continued Improvement of Occupational Safety and Health in Turkey through Compliance with International Labour Standards” carried out by the ILO Office for Turkey.
The infographics on the results of the survey was previously published on ILO web site /ankara/news/WCMS_552405/lang--en/index.htm .