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    Social protection for all extends with KIGEP

    29 January 2021

    The Transition to Formality Programme (KIGEP) is a flagship programme of the ILO Office for Turkey and implemented in close cooperation with the Social Security Institution. Established 3 years ago, and extended with the finance of Federal Republic of Germany through the KfW Development Bank, employers are supported to increase and retain formal employment and uphold access to social protection for their Syrian and Turkish workers.

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    Work permit exemption application for Syrians with temporary protection and foreigners with international protection application and status who want to work in seasonal agriculture and animal husbandry

    07 January 2021

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    Work permit application for foreigners with temporary protection

    07 January 2021

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    False Facts known about Syrians living in Turkey

    07 January 2021

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    More and Better Jobs for Women Program Digital Brochure

    28 December 2020

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    “Made in Turkey’’

    18 December 2020

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    What life has taught us

    18 December 2020