50 New Enterprises, 50 New Hopes

Date issued: 19 August 2020 |

The Opportunities for Lives Project, run by ILO Office for Turkey in coordination with Directorate General of International Labour Force DGILF, through which we have taken important steps since 2018 continues to be fruitful. Syrian business people under temporary protection (SuTP) are sharing their experiences with us and utilizing it for our economy. The exciting journey of entrepreneurs, who presented their projects and courses of action to the business development jury following the training provided in 4 cities of Turkey, Istanbul, Bursa, Konya and Hatay, achieves its aim.

Qualified works that would bring added value are being conducted through the support provided by the Opportunities for Lives Project with EU funding, creating an environment for Syrian investors to create new employment opportunities. Turkey continues to generate entrepreneurship models in order to create new markets and be an attractive country for investors in global competition. The Opportunities for Lives Project which contributes to these efforts, supports Syrians under temporary protection in joining the work life formally by obtaining a work permit as required by the Turkish Law. New participations, new ideas, new investments make us more powerful all together.

Feras Karahasan, Entrepreneur Candidate – I participated in the entrepreneurship training through the Opportunities for Lives Project. We made a presentation today. I am so excited. I hope to win. If I win, I can set up my own business. Many thanks to the Opportunities for Lives project for giving us such an opportunity.

Adnan Hboubate, Syrian Entrepreneur- Hello I am Adnan Hboubate. I came across with the Opportunities for Lives Project. I received training. With the support I received, I had the opportunity of further improving my existing business. I thank all the parties who have implemented the Opportunities for Lives project for giving us such an opportunity.