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    Transition to Formality Programme (KİGEP) promotes social protection for all

    30 November 2021

  2. ILO in action

    Out of the fields and into the classroom

    23 November 2021

    Senior Programme Officer in Turkey, Nejat Kocabay, explains how four ILO projects are helping to eliminate the worst forms of child labour in seasonal agriculture in Turkey, including hazelnut harvesting. The projects, targeting seasonal agricultural workers, are being implemented in collaboration with the EU, Dutch and Turkish governments, Ferrero and CAOBISCO – The Association of Chocolate, Biscuit and Confectionery Industries of Europe.

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    ILO promotes decent work for all as the foundation of inclusive, productive and peaceful societies

    18 November 2021

    More people in decent jobs means stronger, inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Improved growth means more resources to create decent jobs.

  4. © Kıvanç Özvardar / ILO 2021


    From war to peace: A refugee’s journey to a new life

    02 November 2021

    Morshed Ali, 24 arrived in Turkey seven years ago after fleeing the war in Syria. He had to learn a new language and adapt to life in a foreign country. Yet he overcame the odds and graduated as an architect four years later.

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    Gender Equality: Sustainable Development Goal 5

    15 October 2021

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    Convention on Maternity Protection

    15 October 2021

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    Free the World of Work from Violence and Harassment – C190

    15 October 2021