ILO and UNDP: “Act”

The next episode of the podcasts organised jointly by ILO and UNDP Turkey Offices will be addressing creative industries and performing arts in an endeavour to shed light on the current state, changing lives under COVID-19, and expectations of those who devote their labour, who have to work in good health or illness on the stage, sets, on and behind the camera.

The next podcast on 3 February , which will feature Sercan Gidişoğlu, actor, voice-over artist and Secretary-General of Actors Union, will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the young workers in the sector; government’s regulatory and supervisory role in such issues as precariousness/insecurity, lack of inspections/enforcement; financial and legal responsibility of the private sector, civil society, awareness raising for consumers and individuals and so forth on a “rights-based” approach. The focus will particularly be on the impact of COVID-19 on youth unemployment on the sector. The podcast will start at 16.00 hours at UNDP Turkey’s Instagram account.

ILO and UNDP have since November 2020 been organising joint workshops and podcasts on the impact of COVID-19 on youth unemployment. All activities are carried out by and under two projects, namely the “COVID-19 Resilience and Response” Project implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with funding from the Government of Japan, and the Project “Decent Work Opportunities for Refugees and Host Communities in Turkey” implemented by the International Labour Organization (ILO) with funding from the US Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (USPRM).