Living with HIV: This is my story

World AIDS Day - 1 December 2014

People living with HIV often face stigma and discrimination at work and in their everyday lives. More than half of the 35 million people living with HIV do not know their status. Getting tested early means gaining access to the treatment needed to continue to lead healthy and productive lives. The International Labour Organization (ILO) works to end HIV-related discrimination at work and promotes voluntary testing and counselling through the workplace.

Many of those affected are not able to tell their own stories. In this special ILO video series, set to launch on World AIDS Day (1 December), actors Kavi Ladnier, Ratidzo Mambo, and Junes Zahdi speak for them.

  1. India

    I chose to live

    Actress Kavi Ladnier shares the story of Seema who only learned about the importance of early HIV testing when her son became gravely ill.

  2. Zimbabwe

    Fighting for her life and her job

    Forced to reveal her HIV status at work, Gloria’s story – as told by actress Ratidzo Mambo - is one of courage.

  3. Jordan

    A new life alone

    Actor Junes Zahdi introduces Khaled who stands to lose the only place he’s ever called home because of his HIV status.

  4. Getting to Zero at work

    Voluntary and confidential HIV Counseling and Testing

    Half of all people living with HIV globally, do not know their status, thus preventing them from accessing treatment. The VCT@WORK initiative is part of the ILO’s efforts to enable workers to know their HIV status and seek treatment, if necessary.