The World of Work effectively responds to HIV and AIDS through Recommendation 200 with emphasis on social protection

Donor: Norway – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project budget: 998,000 USD


The project contributes strategically to the Outcome 8 of the ILO Programme and Budget, which is entitled “The world of work responds effectively to the HIV/AIDS epidemic”, through the three following pillars:

  • Support the development of national tripartite workplace policies;
  • Strengthen capacity of the tripartite constituents to proactively respond to the HIV and TB epidemics; and
  • Enhance the Office’s knowledge basis, with particular reference to prevention and impact mitigation through social protection.

Key activities

Activities will be carried out in close collaboration with employers’ and workers’ organizations and labour administration and labour inspection as well as with associations of people living with HIV to ensure that views and needs of the ILO tripartite constituents and other key stakeholders are fully reflected. In addition, due consideration will be given to mitigate discrimination and the disproportionate impact of HIV, AIDS and HIV-TB burden on women.