Making HIV Testing Happen: A Shared Responsibility

Global Village session at AIDS 2014 (Melbourne) on Thursday 24 July, 16:30 - 18:00 at the Clarendom Auditorium. This session will provide a platform to present the VCT@WORK initiative and discuss challenges and opportunities for scaling up VCT through workplace and community partners, while safeguarding workers’ rights.

The session will involve sharing of good practices and will discuss innovative ways to increase uptake of VCT services, especially for key populations who are often underserved.

Luiz Loures, UNAIDS

16:30 Introduction
L. Loures, UNAIDS

16:35 VCT@WORK reaching 5 million workers by 2015: a rights-based approach
A. Ouédraogo, Switzerland

16:45 VCT@WORK in practice: Working with Unions to secure safe HIV testing environment for young women in the textile sector in South Africa
N. Soboil, South Africa

16:55 The role of private sector in promoting HIV testing amongst workers, their families and communities
A. Kartika, Indonesia

17:05 Trade union development cooperation programs on AIDS: Experience of APHEDA
K. Davis, Australia

17:15 Testing services for key populations: Key challenges
E. Ngoksin, South Africa

17:25 Questions and answers

17:55 Closing remarks by Chair