Management gets tough on discrimination in Swaziland

Article | 04 June 2010

In Swaziland, the Super Spar chain has worked with the ILO SHARE project to develop an HIV workplace policy and programme for its 600 staff that ensures confidentiality, creates an enabling environment for disclosure of HIV status and provides reasonable accommodation for workers living with HIV.

As proof of its commitment to this policy and its employees, Super Spar management recently gave a final written warning to a supervisor who disclosed the HIV status of two workers. “This was a huge message that the company’s policy is not just a piece of paper and employees are now more open about their status because they feel they are supported,” says Khombi Nkonde, ILO National Project Coordinator for Swaziland.

The company has an active HIV workplace committee with participation from workers and managers up to the highest level. A behaviour change communication programme has been developed and staff can go for medical appointments during work time. Super Spar peer educators visit sick workers with food parcels and help them access ARV.