Developing binding labour legislation on HIV in Cambodia

Article | 04 June 2010

In Cambodia the Ministry of Labour has been actively involved in developing pioneering legislation to ensure that workplaces take action on HIV. With support from the ILO, the ministry worked with the employers’ and workers’ organizations to develop ministerial guidelines (prakas) to implement the Cambodian National AIDS Authority’s national strategic plan for a comprehensive and multisectoral response to HIV/AIDS (2001–2005).

The creation of HIV/AIDS committees and prevention of HIV/AIDS at the workplace prakas incorporates all 10 principles of The ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work.

They provide a sound legal and policy framework for HIV workplace activities and policy development, requiring all workplaces and enterprises to set up HIV committees made up of employer and union representatives. These committees are responsible for HIV education in the workplace, dissemination of information, referral of workers who are HIV-positive to appropriate services and ensuring there is no form of discrimination towards them.

Inspectors from the Department of Occupational Safety and Health will work with managers and workers to support the implementation of the prakas at the enterprise level. A number of labour and factory inspectors have received training from the ILO to build capacity for this new role.