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  1. The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Danish Foreign Ministry

    06 November 2012

    Under this agreement, the Danish government will finance the activities of the first phase of the project in the amount of $ 1.6 million USD; which is to be implemented during the next year, 2013. Subsequently, the Danish Government expressed the intention to possibly fund the second phase of the project in the amount of $ 4.4 million USD.

  2. Denmark and ILO team up to advance youth employment in Egypt

    06 November 2012

    Denmark donates US$1.6 million to finance the first phase of two youth employment projects in Egypt.

  3. Impact evaluation on Women’s Entrepreneurship and Development and Economic Empowerment (WEDEE)

    Knowledge sharing: The ILO Somalia and Kenyan teams, Government of Kenya and social partners participated in a two day retreat in Naivasha for an impact evaluation on women entrepreneurs.

  4. African Judges trained on labour law

    The ILO helped 25 African judges from Botswana, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia to fight sex discrimination in the courts but cultural challenges remain the biggest obstacle. The week-long course at the ILO’s training centre in Turin, Italy was organized by the ILO’s Bureau for Gender Equality.

  5. African judges’ labour of law

    26 October 2012

    The ILO helps 25 African judges fight sex discrimination in the courts but cultural challenges remain the biggest obstacle for some.

  6. Workshops on convections 156, 183 and 189 between ILO office in Angola, Brazil, Portugal and Mozambique and tri-partite partners in Mozambique

    ILO office in Maputo in collaboration with its counterparts in Brasilia, Luanda and Lisbon organized a two days workshop to discuss and share experiences on implementation of Decent Work Country program with emphasis on equality conventions 156-Workers with Family Responsibilities, 183-Maternity Protection and 189-Domestic workers.

  7. High Level National Policy Dialogue

    The Ministry of Labour in collaboration with the International labour Organisation (ILO) held a successful High Level National Policy Dialogue between 22nd and 23rd October 2012 . The Vice President of the Republic of Malawi, Right Honourable Khumbo Kachali officially opened the policy dialogue

  8. Decent Work Country Programme for Zimbabwe 2012 – 2015 signing ceremony

    22 October 2012

    The 2012 - 2015 Decent Work Country Programme for Zimbabwe was signed on 22 October 2012 in Harare.

  9. Towards Equity in Natural Resources Development

    19 October 2012

    Africa is rich in natural resources with great potential to boost economic growth. ILO calls for an integrated approach to job-rich development of natural resources with a combination of top-down and bottom-up policies.

  10. Women in Africa Forum

    ILO was one of the sponsors to the 1st inaugural Women in Africa Forum.

  11. Cultivating the green shoots of rural areas

    18 October 2012

    The ILO looks to harnessing the potential of the world’s rural areas as city dwellers in the developing world struggle to find work.

  12. ILO says cooperatives key to boosting food production

    16 October 2012

    Agricultural cooperatives – the theme of the 2012 World Food Day – are a vehicle for decent lives and decent work, according to ILO Director-General Guy Ryder.

  13. ILO and SADC to strengthen cooperation

    Mr. Arnold Chitambo from the Secretariat of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) paid the ILO Office an official visit for preparatory discussion on strengthening cooperation between both organizations. Mr. Chitambo met Vic van Vuuren, Director of the ILO DWT/CO- Pretoria and Joni Musabayana, ILO DWT/CO- Pretoria Deputy Director.

  14. ILO calls on G20 to live up to its promise to tackle the crisis

    11 October 2012

    The ILO Director-General says G20 countries should stand by their commitment to take new, urgent measures in the face of deteriorating global economic conditions.

  15. Youth labour market still critical in G20 countries

    03 October 2012

    Data presented at a G20 meeting in Geneva shows that youth unemployment rates remain alarming, ranging from about 8 per cent to over 50 per cent in 17 of the 20 member countries. The G20 Task Force on Employment agreed to promote quality apprenticeships.

  16. Social dialogue needed to prevent further violence in SA mines, says ILO

    01 October 2012

    The ILO calls for social dialogue and a review of labour market institutions to avoid further violence in the South African mining industry

  17. UN envoy welcomes election of Speaker of Parliament in Somalia

    28 September 2012

  18. South Africa’s Minister of Labour visits the ILO Pretoria office

    South Africa’s Minister of Labour, Mildred Oliphant and Mr. Les Kettledas paid an official visit to the ILO Office in Pretoria. They were hosted by the Director of ILO Pretoria, Vic van Vuuren and by the Executive Director for Social Protection, Ms Mauela Tomei.

  19. Government Republic of Zambia(GRZ) and United Nations (UN) Joint Programme launched Gender Based Violence launched

    25 September 2012

    The Government of Republic of Zambia (GRZ) and the United Nations (UN) Launched a four-year GRZ-UN Joint Programme, with a budget of USD 15.5 million, to reduce Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Zambia.

  20. Workshop on "Improving Informal Apprenticeship - What Strategy for Egypt?"

    In cooperation of the Ministry of Manpower and Migration (MoMM), on 25 September 2012 ILO Cairo Office held the three-day workshop on "Improving Informal Apprenticeship- What Strategy for Egypt?". The workshop, falling within the framework of the project 'Decent Jobs for Egypt's Youth' and the 'Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour', was attended by over 40 representatives from MoMM, civil society, Social Fund for Development, as well as experts and academics.