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  1. Strategic Management Meeting of ILO in the African Region, 4-7 February, 2013

    04 February 2013

    In recent years Africa has shown strong levels of economic growth. Projections show that the continent as a whole is expected to grow by 5 percent in 2013. African countries are among the fastest movers by global standards.

  2. Launch of the Decent Work Country Profile for Zambia, 31 January 2013

    31 January 2013

    Zambia’s progress in the development of labour market conditions and protection for workers has been enhanced by the development and launch of the Decent Work Country Profile for Zambia.

  3. ILO Partners’ Meeting: Rising to the challenge – scaling up the response to HIV and AIDS through workplace action in Africa

    The objective of the meeting will be to capitalize on successes and exchange ideas to accelerate the HIV and AIDS response through workplace and private sector action.

  4. Employment in Africa: Think agriculture!

    29 January 2013

    Why agriculture should be Africa’s top priority.

  5. Global unemployment rising again – What about Africa?

    22 January 2013

    Global unemployment rose in 2012 and could further increase in 2013 with serious implications for Africa, the International Labour Organization (ILO) warned in a new report entitled Global Employment Trends 2013.

  6. Global Employment Trends 2013: Facts and figures for Sub-Saharan Africa

    22 January 2013

  7. Global Employment Trends 2013: Facts and figures for North Africa

    22 January 2013

  8. Global Employment Trends 2013: Facts and figures by regions

    22 January 2013

  9. Ethiopian Employers Federation celebrated its 60th Anniversary, 16 January 2013

    16 January 2013

    The Ethiopian Employers Federation (EEF)celebrated its 60th Anniversary, on the 16th of January 2013, in Addis Ababa.

  10. ILO head hails signing of Tunisian social contract

    14 January 2013

    The Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Guy Ryder, witnessed the signing of a key social stability pact in Tunisia, which coincided with the two-year anniversary of the start of the Arab Spring.

  11. The ILO hands over equipment to the Ministry responsible for Youth empowerment in Zimbabwe

    10 January 2013

    The Danida funded project on Skills for Youth Employment and Rural Development is being implemented in 9 provinces of the country and is yielding positive results to the disadvantaged and vulnerable young women and men in the rural and semi-urban areas of the selected districts in these provinces.

  12. Quick impact employment creation project, SIERRA LEONE

    26 December 2012

    Quick Impact Employment Creation Project (QIECP) was designed to generate rapid employment opportunities and income generating activities for youths as well as build the foundation for sustainability of the labour-based method by strengthening the capacities of private and public entities in the country to be able to implement infrastructure works by the labour-based method.

  13. ILO and AU to scale up AU’s workplace policy on HIV and AIDS

    19 December 2012

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the African Union Commission (AUC) signed a Letter of Intent marking the beginning of a collaboration to scale up AU’s workplace policy on HIV and AIDS.

  14. South Sudan ratifies ILO Convention No. 138 and No. 182

    17 December 2012

    South Sudan's ratification of the ILO Minimum Age Convention, 1973 (No.138) and the ILO Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999 (No.182) has now been formally registered.

  15. Wanted: Local workers for the oil and gas industry

    12 December 2012

    The oil and gas industry is facing increasing shortages of skilled workers. This could be an opportunity for oil- and gas-producing countries to boost the involvement of their local workforce.

  16. ILO Global Employment Trends for Women 2012: Vulnerability gaps are still high in Africa

    11 December 2012

    Women face higher unemployment rates than men globally, with no improvements likely in the coming years, according to the new ILO Global Employment Trends for Women 2012 Report.

  17. ECOWAS Ministers call for new actions on Youth Employment and Child Labour

    11 December 2012

    The ECOWAS Ministers of Labour, Employment and Social Affairs adopted – 7th December 2012 in Dakar, Senegal - new Actions Plan on Youth Employment and for the elimination of Child labour in the West African Sub-region.

  18. ILO Global Wage Report 2012/2013 Positive wage growth in Africa yet workers taking smaller share of national income

    08 December 2012

    Workers’ share of national income has been shrinking in most countries, causing public dissatisfaction and increasing the risk of social unrest, the International Labour Organization (ILO) warned in a report.

  19. ILO Director-General expresses concern over the situation in Tunisia

    07 December 2012

  20. Liberia: Waging war on youth unemployment

    06 December 2012

    By Dennis Zulu, Chief Program Officer, ILO Office for Nigeria, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.