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  1. The 8.7 Accelerator Lab joins the COTECCO project to reinforce the impact of the Private Sector Working Groups in two key mining provinces in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    31 March 2023

  2. Digital Technology: A Game Changer in the Fight Against Child Labour in Uganda's Agriculture Sector

    30 March 2023

    To support the design of financial services coupled with non-financial productive and welfare services in selected agricultural supply chains. The project integrates child-sensitive measures in financial services to reduce the risk of child labour within their operations and plays an active role in the fight against child labour.

  3. Regional policy dialogue on youth employment in the rural economy

    The main objective of the Regional policy dialogue is to reaffirm the commitment of the ILO and IFAD to promote decent jobs in Africa, in particular for young women and men in rural areas, with the start of the ProAgro YOUTH project.

  4. ILO promotes labour intensive methods to improve livelihoods of host and refugee communities in Ethiopia

    28 March 2023

    Through an intensive training, the ILO has strengthened the capacity of road construction engineers from Ethiopia’s refugee-hosting districts to apply labour intensive methods to boost socio-economic development through infrastructural development and job creation.

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    Nigeria ratified ILO Conventions concerning migrant workers and private employment agencies

    27 March 2023

    Nigeria becomes the 29th country to ratify Convention No. 143, and the 38th to ratify Convention No. 181.

  6. ACCEL Africa sur l'élimination du travail des enfants en Côte d'Ivoire

    24 March 2023

  7. Technical retreat for elaborating Mozambique’s Fifth Statistical Bulletin on Social Protection

    In the framework of the ACTION/Portugal project, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Mozambique is organizing a technical retreat for the production of the Fifth National Statistical Bulletin on Social Protection with the support of the ILO and ITC-ILO. This five-day retreat will provide national institutions engaged in social protection with a space for developing the forthcoming bulletin, and with training on various relevant issues, including on the use of geographic information systems for social protection statistics (done in collaboration with the National Agency for Geo-Spatial Development) and on how to fill in ILO’s Social Security Inquiry (SSI), which is relevant for reporting on the progress towards the accomplishment of SDGs in the area of social protection

  8. The ACCEL Africa Project to hold Capitalisation Workshop to Highlight Success in Eliminating Child Labour in Nigeria

    20 March 2023

  9. Lesotho ratifies three ILO Conventions

    16 March 2023

    Lesotho deposited the instruments of ratification of the Labour Relations (Public Service) Convention, 1978 (No. 151), the Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 2006 (No. 187) and the Violence and Harassment Convention, 2019 (No. 190).

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    Climate Action for Jobs initiative boosts action to support a just transition

    14 March 2023

    Building on the outcomes of the UN climate change conference, members of the Climate Action for Jobs initiative welcomed new board members and discussed ways to scale up support and collaboration to advance a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies.

  11. Breaking the Cycle of Child Labour: ILO-ACCEL Africa Project Renovates School and Enrolls 110 Children at Risk of Child Labour in Nigeria's Oke Agunla Community

    13 March 2023

    With the renovation of six classrooms and eight toilet facilities in the school premises, the Head Teacher of the school disclosed that the enrolment figure of the school has already increased.

  12. Training workshop on: Developing, Negotiating and Implementing Bilateral Labour Migration Agreements (BLMAs)

    12 March 2023

  13. IGAD Member States endorsed the Program for Implementation of the Djibouti Declaration

    09 March 2023

    IGAD Member States endorsed Program for Implementation of the Djibouti Declaration at the 2nd IGAD Ministerial Conference on Labour, Employment and Labour Migrations held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia last week.

  14. Generating Data for Monitoring and Reporting Sustainable Development Goals in Zanzibar

    09 March 2023

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) supported the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar through the OCGS to review and develop the administrative data collection tools; analyse the available surveys, including the Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey (TDHS), Household Budget Survey (HBS) and Integrated Labour Force Survey(ILFS) and develop metadata for the 117 of the localized SDGs indicators.

  15. Decent apprenticeship training for children of working age in Egypt

    07 March 2023

    Within the framework of supporting the promotion of the training and vocational progression to combat child labour as part of the “National Action Plan for Combating the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Egypt and Supporting Family (2018-2025)”, ACCEL Africa in partnership with the "Technical Support for the Comprehensive Technical Education Initiative with Egypt” (TCTI) Project implemented by GIZ Egypt successfully provided awareness training on decent apprenticeship for more than 500 apprentices of the dual education system in Beheira, Alexandira, Sharkia and Fayoum governorates.

  16. Knowledge-sharing as a pathway for strengthened intra-African collaboration and accelerate action for the eilimination of child labour in supply chains.

    28 February 2023

    The “Regional Conference: Knowledge Sharing for Partnerships on the Elimination of Child Labour in Supply Chains” focused on showcasing what has worked to advance the countries and regional agendas on the elimination of child labour.

  17. The International Labour Organization Supports the Government of Nigeria to Convene Stakeholders Sensitization Workshops towards Operationalizing the revised National Policy on Labour Migration

    28 February 2023

    In February 2023, the Government of Nigeria, under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, organized workshops in Lagos state and the Federal Capital Territory for stakeholders on the revised National Policy on Labour Migration. The workshops were supported by the International Labour Organization within the framework of the FAIRWAY Global Programme.

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    As a refugee, my new skills have given my family hope

    28 February 2023

    When her husband was killed in 2009, Angelique Kahindo fled the Democratic Republic of Congo with her children to a refugee settlement in Uganda. For years she had no income, but a new opportunity for an apprenticeship has given her the skills and courage to set up her own tailoring business.

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    ILO Director-General welcomes Côte d'Ivoire's action on social protection

    27 February 2023

    During his visit to Abidjan, ILO Director-General, Gilbert F. Houngbo, stressed the need to promote decent work in the cocoa sector.

  20. Ethiopia to host the Second Ministerial Conference on Labour, Employment and Labour Migration

    23 February 2023