Resources on the Advancing Decent Work and Inclusive Industrialization project

  1. Article

    More women in leadership for a sustainable garment and textile industry in Ethiopia.

    18 October 2021

    The ILO Siraye programme on advancing decent work and inclusive industrialization has launched a leadership development intervention on March 2021 as part of its women empowerment objective.

  2. Project documentation

    SIRAYE Newsletter- July

    06 August 2021

  3. Project documentation

    SIRAYE Quarterly Newsletter - May 2021

    30 June 2021

  4. News

    The ILO and its tripartite constituents launched a Decent Work Country Program (2021-2025) for Ethiopia

    07 June 2021

    3 June 2021, Addis Ababa; Ethiopia: The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA) of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia together with the Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Union (CETU) & Confederation of Ethiopian Employers Federations (CEEF) colorfully launched the Decent Work Country Program (DWCP, 2021 – 2025) for Ethiopia with the support of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Addis Ababa.

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    International Labour standards for sound labour relations in Ethiopia

    04 May 2021

    ILO collaborates with International Training Centre of the ILO(ITCILO) and Ethiopia’s First Instance Court to provide training on ILS for judges and lawyers.

  6. Our impact, Their voices

    How capacity building and greater employee involvement can address low productivity in the Ethiopian garment sector

    23 March 2021

    The textile and garment sector in Ethiopia is undergoing a substantial boom right now, and this growth needs to be accompanied by improvements in working conditions and productivity. This case study shows how SCORE Training helps SMEs address the problems that lead to low productivity.

  7. Article

    Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world: Women in the garment and textile industry

    03 March 2021

    The garment and textile industry is one of the sectors hit hard by Covid-19, affecting thousands of factory workers. As the industry slowly reopens, the ILO Siraye programme continue to deliver its programme intervention and reach more female workers to achieve its gender objectives.

  8. Article

    ILO Promotes COVID-19 Free Working Environment

    16 October 2020

    Advancing Decent Work and Inclusive Industrialization Programme Provided Disinfection Service & Capacity Building Training for 14 Factories in Industrial Parks in Ethiopia

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    SCORE continues enterprise trainings despite challenges posed by COVID-19

    24 June 2020

    As enterprises face the challenges posed by the outbreak of COVID-19, the ILO SIRAYE programme, understanding the needs of enterprises, is continuing to deliver productivity and quality training to factories in tandem with preventing and mitigating the health impact of Covid-19.

  10. Article

    Coping with COVID-19 – Lesson from the Ethiopian garment and textile industry

    10 June 2020

    With the purpose of sharing factories practices to prevent COVID-19 and improve workers’ well being, the ILO programme on advancing decent work and inclusive industrialisation (SIRAYE) hosted the second webinar series with over 20 factories across Ethiopia.