IGAD Member States Labour Migration Experts testimony to FMPT project capacity building support

Article | 20 July 2020
The FMPT project in collaboration with ITCILO conducted the first course to IGAD region Labour Migration Experts Reference Group (LMERG) members on "Labour Migration Governance and Coherence with Employment Policies" from 18 May to 26 June 2020. The objective of this course was to build and strengthen the capacities of IGAD region policy makers at various ministries and social partners to design and implement labour migration policies through access to tools and instruments for evidence-based policy making on labour migration and ensuring policy coherence. Some participants of the course shared their views about the course.  

"As a legal expert of CNED, member of the Confederation of IGAD Employers, the skills acquired during this course on the governance of labour migration will enable me to inform, raise awareness, build the capacity of all actors involved in this field (State, social partners, civil society and migrants) and participate by any other means to improve the living and working conditions of migrants in Djibouti and the IGAD region. Working closely with ILO representatives in the region and others JLMP partners, I will combine my new skills with the strengths and capacities of the national and regional employers' network (IGAD) and the ILO's century-long experience to ensure that the international agenda on decent work for all and inclusive growth as well as safe, orderly and regular migration is known, accepted and implemented in our region. And this agenda can only be achieved if local actors and experts, aware of the realities and obstacles in their respective countries are consulted and engage.”

Ms. Hasna Barkat Daoud
Legal Expert, Confederation of IGAD Employers

"It's my pleasure to start by extending my sincere thanks to ILO FMPT project, EU- the donor, Turin International Training Centre, and the highly experienced trainers of the distance course on Labour Migration Governance and Coherence with Employment Policies that was held from 18 May to 26 June 2020. It is a good coincidence that the course comes at a time when I was preparing for a PhD in public administration. The subject of my thesis is on the role of administration development in achieving decent work for the Sudanese working abroad and one of the chapters talks about immigration management. What I learned from the course will enable me enhance my research especially the first chapter which is a general framework where I can provide additional information and concepts that I learned from the course such as definition and dynamics related to labour migration.

For my country Sudan, we are now preparing our labour migration policy. Well governed labour migration contributes to sustainable development and provides benefits and opportunities for migrant workers and their families. The policy making process that we learnt from the course will help us develop a policy according to the recommendations of the country report An assessment of labour migration and mobility governance in the IGAD that was published by FMPT project.

The labour migration governance and coherence with employment policies, harmonization of labour migration policies has a major role in strengthening relations, concluding multilateral agreements, achieving free movement of persons, enhance the labour migration polices, coordination mechanisms between the countries and sharing the good practices on governance of labour migration in the IGAD region."

Ms. Salwa Mohamed Abd Alla
Director of International & Regional Organizations, External Relations
Ministry of Labour and Social Development


"At this time of COVID-19 and voluntary lockdown period in Ethiopia, this electronic course has come very handy and helped me to effectively use my time to enhance my knowledge on the work and programs of the ILO especially on issues related to labour migration that will enable me serve the employers better.

Moreover, as part of the leadership of three employers platforms, I have got a good chance to update myself on the current situation of labour migration issues in the IGAD region. It has also uplifted my understanding on how to engage the prevailing BLMAs and suggest modifications and comments in cooperation with social partners by coordinating stakeholders to transform the existing labour law in a cohesive manner to regulate the labour market both from the origin and destination country to benefit migrant workers from the IGAD region. Furthermore, being the Secretary General of the Confederation of IGAD Employers (CIE), this program has opened my eyes to know a great deal of the labour migration situation in the region which requires much of my attention to improve the life of migrant workers and their families in and from the IGAD region."

Dawit Moges
SG, Confederation of IGAD Employers (CIE)
SG, Ethiopian Industry Employers Confederation (EIEC)

“The course I am taking at ITCILO organized by ILO FMPT project brings to life my 20 years of experience, in a participatory learning environment where theory meets practice. The ability to learn and share with equally experienced trainers and participants brings tremendous professional value and advancement to me as a person but to our IGAD region as a whole. It is especially significant that I am virtually sitting in class with professionals, IGAD Labour Migration Experts Reference Group that I will be working with to enhance Labour Migration Governance in the IGAD region. International labour standards, cohesion, collaboration and coordination in labour migration governance are key themes resonating with me as we craft solutions to our labour migration challenges. These are themes that will continue to resonate with us all, as we collectively step out of the course to the field; to design labour migration policies that ensure safe and orderly migration in our countries, the IGAD Region and beyond.” 

Deputy National Coordinator, Prevention of Trafficking in Persons

"This is the right course at the right time as Somalia is preparing to host labour immigrants and send labour migrants in the IGAD region as a result of relative peace and stability in the country. This course will increase the capacity of Labour Migration Experts in Somalia to develop coherent labour migration policies that are in line with international labour standards, the ILO conventions on migrant workers through regional cooperation and coordination."

Ismail Mohamud Mohamed
Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs