FAIRWAY in Ethiopia supported Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions (CETU) to organize capacity building trainings for community peer educators and outreach workers

In order to strengthen capacity of Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions (CETU) to organize potential, in-service and returnee migrant workers into the union and effectively advocate for the rights and welfare of migrant workers, FAIRWAY in Ethiopia entered into implementation agreement with CETU.

News | 06 April 2022
Capacity building of peer educators to sensitize on safe labour migration and organizing potential migrant workers and returnees as trade union members. With the support from FAIRWAY, CETU is mobilizing five full-time outreach workers and has plan to mobilize peer educators in the community to fulfil reach out potential and returnee migrant workers. This will help CETU to sensitize and raise awareness of potential and returnee migrant workers about risks of irregular migration and pathways of regular migration. The peer educators together with outreach workers will be also mobilized to unionize potential and returnee migrant workers into the union that increases representation of migrant workers in union.

In order to prepare the peer educators with necessary skills and information to reach out to potential and returnee migrant workers, it has organized two training events for community members selected as peer educators. The first training was organized in Haik, South Wollo zone on 24 to 27 March and the other was organized in Kombolcha, Debub Wollo Zone on 29 March to 01 April 2022. Each training was organized for four day and 18 selected peer educators including outreach workers participated in each training. One representative each from district level office of Labour and Skills, and Women, Children and Social Affairs also participated in the training organized in Kombolcha. Out of total 36 peer educators including three outreach workers, 30 were women returnee migrant workers from Arab countries, mainly from Saudi Arabia.

During the four days trainings, peer educators were sensitized and trained on issues related with promoting regular pathways of labour migration, risks of irregular migration, human trafficking and smuggling of migrant workers, key messages to deliver in the communities together with need for and importance of unionization.

After the training, the peer educators are expected to work closely with outreach workers to reach out to potential and returnee migrant workers in their respective community and sensitize and aware them on those issues together with motivating potential and returnee migrant workers to be members of CETU.