Training to Kenya’s Ministry of Labour staff helps ensure better protection to workers in the country and abroad

With the support of the ILO, migration experts in the East African region, and the Decent Work Team in Pretoria, the FAIRWAY Programme trained 30 labour and employment officers across Naivasha and Mombasa in Kenya. The workshops provide a critical foundation of the roles and responsibilities of such officers for safe, fair and orderly labour migration, and helps sensitize a pool of staff from which future labour attachés are drawn.

The workshops are a critical part of the work of the FAIRWAY Programme, as they are a necessary tool to create awareness among the labour and employment officers in terms of their roles and responsibilities towards a safe, fair and orderly labour migration and throughout the whole migration cycle.

The workshops also act as a forum to highlight pertinent issues to be brought to the attention of labour officers. This is important given that it is from these pools of officers that labour attachés to foreign countries will be selected.

The workshops were conducted in person in full adherence to Ministry of Health and the ILO’s guidelines with respect to COVID-19.