A Visionary Path Towards Fair and Ethical Recruitment in Africa

developing a robust Fair Recruitment Strategy designed specifically for Africa.

Feature | 16 July 2023
The ILO-AUC Consultation Workshop held in Nairobi, Kenya, on November 11 and 12, 2022, was a catalyst for change, driven by the goal of developing a robust Fair Recruitment Strategy designed specifically for Africa.

With the participation of key officials from the ILO, and African Union Commission (AUC), the consultation addressed and tackled pressing challenges faced during recruitment processes across the continent and established a framework that upholds ethical principles and safeguards the rights of migrant workers.

The consultation resulted with consensus on the need to develop a regional Fair Recruitment Strategy, which serves as a comprehensive framework for promoting fair business practices, empowering workers, and enhancing recruitment-related laws and policies across Africa. Drawing inspiration from global and regional initiatives, this strategy will set the stage for a more fair and ethical recruitment process throughout the continent.

The sharing of promising practices from diverse African countries, such as Ethiopia, Cote d'Ivoire, Uganda, Madagascar, and Kenya, added value to the consultation. These practices served as practical examples and sources of inspiration for implementing fair recruitment initiatives across the continent, demonstrating that positive outcomes can be achieved. The commitment to collaborate in resource mobilisation expressed by participants during the event further reinforced the determination to turn the Fair Recruitment Strategy into a reality, ensuring its effective implementation and tangible results for workers and employers alike. These outcomes laid the foundation for improved recruitment practices, empowering workers and promoting fairness throughout Africa's labour migration systems.

Group Picture of the participants