Promoting Fair Recruitment and Decent Work for African Migrant Workers

Fair recruitment, international labour standards (ILS), union-to-union agreements, and monitoring and reporting

The African Trade Union Migration Network (ATUMNET), in collaboration with the International Labour Organisation (ILO), hosted a capacity-building workshop in Kigali, Rwanda from 19th to 21st, December 2022. The workshop strengthened and equipped participants with the essential skills and knowledge in fair recruitment, international labour standards (ILS), union-to-union agreements, and monitoring and reporting. By fortifying capacities in these critical areas, it ushered an era of enhanced labour migration governance throughout Africa.

The workshop brought together a diverse range of participants, including ATUMNET representatives, journalists, trade union leaders, migrant workers, recruitment agencies, and esteemed officials from the ILO, African Union Commission (AUC), and International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

The capacity-building workshop excavated participants’ understanding of labour migration governance, recognising the importance of issues, such as political will, policy frameworks, resources, and data analysis. This enhanced understanding provided a foundation for informed decision-making and effective governance strategies in Africa. It also fostered collaboration and networking among diverse stakeholders, including trade unions, journalists, and migrant workers. The establishment of union-to-union agreements and the creation of a supportive network strengthened collaboration to provide protection for African migrant workers. Additionally, participants gained advocacy skills and best practices for promoting fair recruitment, enabling them to advocate for fairness, reduce exploitation, and promote decent work for migrant workers.

Moreover, a panel discussion held during the workshop celebrated the contributions of African migrant workers and raised awareness among government officials, trade union leaders, and migrant workers themselves. This session facilitated meaningful dialogue, fostered understanding of the positive contribution of migrant workers.

The capacity-building workshop resulted in enhanced knowledge, improved collaboration, advocacy for fair recruitment practices, and increased awareness of the contributions of migrant workers. These outcomes will play a crucial role in strengthening labour migration governance in Africa, ensuring the protection of migrant workers' rights, and promoting decent work. The workshop's achievements indicate a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and fair labour migration system in the region.
In addition, the workshop coincided with the 2022 commemoration of international migrant day (IMD) which launched the ILO More Than A Migrant Worker digital campaign.

Group picture of the participants