Advancing digitalisation for improved Labour Migration Governance in Ethiopia

ILO Biometric readers and IT equipment handover ceremony to the MoLS

Feature | 27 July 2023
On June 7th, 2023, Mr. Alexio Musindo, Director of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Addis Ababa handed over Biometric readers and IT equipment to H.E. Ato Asegid Getachew, State Minister, of the Ministry of Labour and Skills. The ILO procured IT equipment, namely, webcam, android tablet, iPad tablet, laptop computers, backup 4G connectivity dongles, printers, backup local server and biometric reader to ensure the effective functioning and accessibility of appropriate infrastructure required to collect data for the E-LMIS system in Ethiopia.

The Biometric readers and IT equipment play a crucial role in collecting data that will seamlessly be integrated into the LMIS, providing the government with accessible and necessary information to offer essential services for potential migrants, returnees, and the youth. This transformative technology not only digitalises manual procedures, but also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of labour and employment services at the country level. The LMIS, supported by these technological advancements, will emerge as an invaluable tool for managing national employment as well as labour migration processes. Its ability to provide accurate and timely information on labour market trends, employment opportunities, wage dynamics, and skill requirements will be pivotal in shaping policies, facilitating intraregional labour mobility, and supporting the government in its planning and decision-making related to national and overseas employment.

The event signified a notable step forward in promoting fair and effective labour migration governance, promising for a positive and brighter future for migrants and the youth at large. By embracing innovative solutions and harnessing the potential of technology, Ethiopia is positioning itself for transformative change and a brighter future for all those involved in the migration process.
H.E. Ato Asegid Getachew, State Minister, MoLS and Mr Alexio Musindo, Director, ILO CO Addis Abeba