ACCEL Africa - Uganda

Child labour remains a serious problem with 2,048,000 children out of the 8,973,000 aged 5-17 engaged in some form of child labour, which constitute 14 percent of all children nationally(Uganda National Household Survey 2016/17). 

The educational achievement of these children is at risk because either they do not attend school or their schooling suffers from long hours dedicated to work. Child labour is found in agriculture, transport, mining and related sectors, fishing, construction, the urban informal sector, domestic service and commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Uganda is Africa’s second largest producer and exporter of tea after Kenya, and its production and exports have witnessed substantial increases in recent years.

Coffee and tea are among the listed goods, which are produced with forced labour (USDOL list of goods) with coffee being the main foreign exchange earner in Uganda, and widely grown.

Under Accel Africa the focus will be put on the elimination of child labour in the tea and coffee supply chains.


  1. #EndChildLabour2021

    Regional launch of the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour in Africa

    On Wednesday, March 31, from 12:00 pm to 14:30 pm (GMT), the ILO, the African Union and other stakeholders joined voices to advance towards the achievement of target 8.7 of the 2030 Agenda, relating to end child labour in all its forms by 2025.

  2. News

    International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour — beyond commitments to action

    21 January 2021

    An interview with Ms. Cynthia Samuel-Olonjuwon, ILO Assistant Director-General and Regional Director for Africa, on the occasion of the launch of the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, which took place on January 21, 2021.

  3. Article

    Uganda holds its Alliance 8.7 National Strategic Planning Workshop

    07 December 2020

  4. Press release

    The African Union Ten Year Action Plan on Child Labour plan moves toward implementation

    22 September 2020

    The African Union (AU) is initiating discussions with stakeholders on the implementation of African Union’s Ten Year Action Plan to Eradicate Child Labour, Forced Labour, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery (2020-2030) adopted during the AU Summit held in February 2020. This initiative resonates well with the International Labour Organization (ILO) convention 182 on Worst Forms of Child Labour which is reaching its universal ratification.

  5. Press release

    African ministers, social partners join ILO high-level summit on COVID-19 and the World of Work

    04 July 2020

    Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, 3 June 2020 – More than 50 African ministers of labour or employment, along with representatives of workers’ and employers’ organizations and international organizations joined the International Labour Organization Regional Office for Africa on Thursday, 2 July for a virtual forum to discuss how to address the economic and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.