Youth For Change

Reducing conflict and crime by rehabilitating potential and actual perpetrators of violence, to pave way for rule of law and recovery.

Building on the Youth at Risk programme implemented over 2011 and 2012, the Youth for Change (Y4C) joint initiative is a 12 month programme between the UNDP, ILO and UNICEF. While all outcomes are integral to the success of the Youth for Change initiative, the rehabilitation and reintegration of 2,000 youth is at the core. This outcome is achieved by implementation of four key components, outreach and identification, rehabilitation, socio- economic reintegration and case management.

The economic re-integration component of the programme is managed by ILO. Participants learn the basis of entrepreneurship and commerce on vocational skills, and are supported to start work placement and labour intensive works, which provides short-term employment for each beneficiary re-engaged in productive work benefiting the community.

This joint initiative is aimed to contribute to longer term stabilisation of the three regions of Somalia. More specifically, it will empower Somali authorities and affected communities to have the means to sustainably reintegrate and rehabilitate children and youth caught in the cycle of vulnerability, crime and violence, resulting in a measurable reduction in crime and insecurity. It builds from the ‘Youth at Risk’ initiative through incorporating an improved programme design, customised per location and for needs of the various target groups. Further, the Y4C is designed with the longer term vision of strengthening the justice and security sectors within the wider communities it serves.

Project Publications and Events
  • This survey was conducted against the background of an almost complete lack of timely, accurate, and relevant time series data on the labour force in Somaliland which could be used for policy making and human development planning. LFS Report.