Adopting fair and effective labour migration and mobility governance

ILO launches a training on Adopting Fair and Effective Labour Migration and Mobility Governance for IGAD and its Member States

Press release | 15 October 2018
ILO News (Entebe): ILO in collaboration with its international training centre, ITC-ILO and the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) launched a training workshop on adopting fair and effective labour migration and mobility governance for IGAD and its member States.

The five-day training which takes place in Entebe, Uganda from 15-19 October 2018 covers a wide range of themes including rights based approach to labour migration governance, the nexus between migration and development, protection of migrant workers, fair recruitment and enhancing coordination and collaboration among various actors. The training would also provide a space for experience sharing with other RECs in the continent and beyond such as ASEAN, ECOWAS and EAC following their presentation.
Mr Laurence Egulu, Commissioner of Labour, representing the Minister of the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, of the Government of Uganda, during his opening remarks highlighted the efforts of his government to address unemployment, under employment by streamlining overseas employment services and further maximize the development impact of migration on development. He shared the achievement of his government in improving legal frameworks governing labour migration and mobility in the country through national legislations and bilateral labour agreements with Middle East countries. He further underlined the need for monitoring implementation of national legislations and bilateral agreements to enhance wellbeing of migrant workers.

Ms Lucy Daxbacher, Project Officer on free movement of persons and transhumance in the IGAD Secretariat, on her part highlighted IGADs efforts in supporting its member States to improve migration governance reiterating the collaboration between ILO and IGAD in the field of labour migration and mobility in the context of free movement of persons.

Mr Wellington Chibebe, Director of the ILO country office for Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, highlighted some of the major challenges related to labour migration and mobility governance including fundamental rights at work, social protection of migrant workers and recognition of qualifications. He further underlined the importance and timeliness of the training in addressing some of the practical challenges mentioned earlier and urged participants to maintain this group into a functional network and working group on the issue of labour migration. He conveyed hi appreciation for the European Union for supporting this project and other similar interventions of the ILO in the region and elsewhere.

ILO implements a project on free movement of persons and transhumance in the IGAD Region to improve opportunities for regular labour mobility in collaboration with IGAD and financed by the European Union Trust Fund (EUTF).