First ILO Labour market study tour to Rwanda for key stakeholders of Mozambique

The International Labour Organization (ILO), through its Sweden-funded project “MOZTRABALHA”, supported a study tour to Rwanda for senior executives of the employment sector in Mozambique. The aim was to benchmark and gain experience on how the East African country is operationalizing and managing the Labour Market Information System (LMIS).

Press release | Maputo | 16 August 2018
MAPUTO (ILO News) – Senior technical experts of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of Mozambique took part from 23 to 27 July 2018 in a first of its kind ILO-led study tour to Rwanda aimed at increasing awareness on labour market information systems.

Under the promotion of south-south cooperation, the primary objective was to explore synergies and possibility of cooperation between Mozambique and Rwanda in labour matters, particularly in labour market information system
The Director LMIS, Dr. Assa Guambe, the Head of Planning Department at the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Mr. Emilia Munguambe , the Head of IT Department at the same Ministry Mr. Alexandre Marengula and the Head of the analysis department of the National Directorate of Mozambique Labour Market Observation Ms. Paulino Bunghallah participated in the study tour.

This new initiative took place three days after the Mozambican President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi and members of the CTA (Confederation of Mozambican Business Association) visited Rwanda to explore and strengthen business opportunities between these countries.

Labour Market Information System Platform

Participants of the study tour had the opportunity to visit different institutions, among them, the Rwanda Development Board particularly, the Capacity Building and Employment Department the Ministry of Public Services and Labour, the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda, the Rwanda Social Security Board and the Kigali Employment Service Centre.

These institutions play important role in the coordination mechanism of the Rwanda’s National Employment Program and are the main data sources for the LMIS platform.

Immediately after the study tour visit, the ILO organised a one week (30 July to 3 August 2018) training on how to manage the LMIS platform which should serve as a reference hub that links Information/data and analysis flows from multiple sources integrated in a common data and information system.

The training targeted 35 people from National Directorate of Mozambique Labour Market Observation staff and staff from the LMIS working group, and focused on data analysis and IT.

Since December 2017, MOZTRABALHA, has been supporting the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security and National Directorate of Labour Market Observatory of Mozambique to strengthen the LMIS which are key for the country to monitor and report on national and international commitments.

Background Information

The LMIS are commonly referred to as networks of institutions or persons with agreed roles to produce and disseminate Labour Market Information and Analysis (LMIA). Well-functioning LMIS provide an essential basis for effective employment, labour and skills development policies, and can inform the design, monitoring and evaluation of policies that are better focused and targeted.