Ethiopia hosts an experiance sharing forum for five East African countries

ILO CO-Addis Ababa organizes a Sub–Regional forum for experience sharing among five countries: Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan.

Press release | Addis Ababa | 17 November 2017
ADDIS ABABA (ILO News): ILO organized an experience sharing forum for the five countries that are covered by the Country Office Addis Ababa. The Sub-Regional forum that took place from 20 - 21 November 2017 addressed common concerns and challenges faced by all the five countires: Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, Sudan and South Sudan. 

Mr. George Okutho, Director of Country Office Addis Ababa, duirng his opening speech cited the forum's general objective as sharing of experiances among the participating countries to promote employment, social dialogue, labour standards and social protection through collaboration.  

Objectives of the Sub-Regional Forum

  1. Building clarity and common understanding on ILO’s strategic priorities in the Region and RECs, especially IGAD;
  2. Sharing experience, among the five countries covered under the CO Addis, on the evaluation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and drawing lessons on the path to achieving the SDGs as relevant to the ILO mandate;
  3. Sharing experience in the formulation of DWCPs, national ownership within their respective national development frameworks; resource mobilization, implementation and results achieved, among others; and 
  4. Exploring the rationale and possibilities of developing bilateral (cross-bounder) initiatives and/or sub-regional programs to address key issues pertaining to promoting peace and stability in the region, such as migration, internal conflict management, capacity building of institutions and personnel.
H.E. Mr. Abdulfatah Abdullahi, Ethiopian Minister of Labour and Social Affairs pointed out that the five countries are similar not only in the strengths and potentials for the advancement of the nations but also in the multi-faceted socio-economic challenges that need to be tackled/addressed to promote decent and productive employment opportunities to improve the living conditions of the respective citizens.

He further ellaborated that this forum will help identify common development priorities and deliberate on joint actions to address development challenges that are of national as well as sub-regional nature.

At the end of the Sub-regional Forum, the following outcomes are expected to be
  1. Better and shared understanding of the ILO’s priorities in the Region and their convergence with IGAD’s strategic framework alongside of national priorities. 
  2. Incorporation of national ownership during the formulation and implementation of Decent Work Country Programmes. 
  3. Identified bilateral and/or sub-regional programmes to be further developed between two or more countries.
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