Decent work

International Labour Organization (ILO) and Brazilian Government promote decent work in the cotton supply chain in Mozambique

The Government of Mozambique and the Brazilian Government have identified key areas of support for a country project to be implemented by the Government of Mozambique, organizations of workers, organizations of employers and civil society institutions, with technical support from ILO

News | Lusaka | 10 October 2017
A three day workshop was recently organized to share experiences from the two countries and to develop a country project to promote decent work in the cotton supply chain in Mozambique. The Brazilian funded project is a South-South Cooperation Program implemented in collaboration with Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security and Mozambique Cotton Institute with technical support from ILO.

The project, “Cotton with Decent Work” aims to improve the working conditions of workers and cotton producers in five countries (Mozambique, Mali, Tanzania, Paraguay and Peru) through the systematization, sharing and adaptation of relevant Brazilian experiences in areas such as poverty reduction, productive inclusion, prevention and eradication of child labour and forced labour, promotion of youth employment, combating discrimination, and promoting gender and social dialogue.

The ILO Country Office Director for Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia, Mr. Alexio Musindo, during his last mission to Mozambique, met with the Brazilian Ambassador in Maputo, Mr. Rodrigo Soares, to brief him on ongoing activities under the south-south cooperation project. Mr. Musindo affirmed the ILO commitment to the partnership with the Brazilian Government.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian Ambassador thanked ILO for its technical support towards the promotion of the decent work for vulnerable workers in the cotton sub-sector. In his remarks, the Ambassador also stated the Brazilian Government’s commitment to advancing social justice for vulnerable workers in the Mozambique cotton sub-sector. Additionally, he acknowledged the importance of regular meetings between the Embassy and the ILO Office in Maputo to facilitate information exchange on ongoing interventions, sharing of implementation progress and recommendations to mitigate bottlenecks faced by the country project.

The country project will focus on the following four areas, identified in consultation with stakeholders from the cotton subsector and approved by the Government:
  1. Strengthening the capacity of the Labour Inspectorate on issues related to Occupational Safety and Health in the cotton supply chain
  2. Development of a Rural Labour Framework (Regulation of rural labour)
  3. Implementation of the Child Labour Action Plan recently developed with ILO support
  4. Promotion of social dialogue within the cotton sub-sector
This is yet another milestone for the ILO because evidently, it is delivering on its mandate at the country level by strengthening the constituents’ capacities in improving working conditions for vulnerable workers. On the other hand, the continued south-to-south collaboration is indicative of the Brazilian Government’s interest in further exploring collaborative opportunities with the ILO in the agricultural sector.