Job Portal developed in Uganda

News | 14 June 2021
Returning Ugandan migrant workers will soon have a user-friendly digital platform to access job opportunities available at home. With the support of ILO FAIRWAY Programme, the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) is now in the final stage of preparation to launch an inclusive online job portal aimed at providing access to available job opportunities to returning migrant workers. The job portal is developed in consultation with key stakeholders including relevant Government ministries, the National Union of Disabled Persons Uganda; and the Petroleum Authority of Uganda.

The job portal is web-based and accessible on mobile devices through an SMS service. The platform is designed to provide efficient and quality services for job seekers and employers by enabling employers to post available vacancies in their companies and for job seekers to view and apply for these opportunities. The job portal also provides both the employer and suitable job seekers with job matching services, in addition to supporting its members with other relevant information services such as (but not limited to) offering information on employability skills requirements, announcements about upcoming apprenticeships/training programs and tips on writing resumes.

A pilot of the portal was launched in May 2021, once officially released, the job portal will significantly contribute to the economic reintegration of returning migrant workers by facilitating their re-entry into the local labour market.