Training of Labour Inspectors in Maseru, Lesotho

Training on ILO Conventions, application and interpretation of the labour law

News | 26 May 2017
The purpose of the labour inspection function in the Ministry of Labour and Employment is to ensure respect for labour legislation, for employee’s rights and for decent employment and working conditions.

For labour inspectors to effectively carry out their functions as outlined above they have to be well conversant with the ILO Conventions that the country has ratified and the national labour law that they enforce.

The purpose of the four days training is to ensure that labour inspectors are knowledgeable on the ILO Conventions that Lesotho has ratified and the national labour law that they enforce.

The expected outcomes of the training are:

Consistent approach in the application of the labour by inspectors, consistency requires that different inspectors faced with the same breaches in labour legislation under the same circumstances, will take the same action.

Knowledge by labour inspectors on what constitutes compliance and non-compliance when faced with similar breaches in labour legislation

Knowledge by labour inspectors on ratified ILO Conventions ratified by the Kingdom Of Lesotho and the national labour laws for effective execution of their duties.