Successful Milestones in Programmes: BRMM Reintegration Work - Beneficiaries’ Testimony

News | 22 December 2022

‘…Two of my friends and I are returnees’, and we were planning to go back to Saudi before I heard of this support. However, the awareness raising on irregular migration and the training on how to start a business has totally changed my mind. After the training sessions, I immediately decided to work in my country. I even re-started going to college where I had withdrawn before. To your surprise, I even tried to also convince two of my friends who were in process to travel along with me. One of them changed her plan as I did…’."

Nebyat, Returnee

‘…When I first registered for the training, I planned to get the transport money and go back home. However, the first day of the training changed my life. The training provided to me is worth tens of thousands of birr…. The entrepreneurship training was the most important. I was able to plan my business. If I got this training a year ago, I would have been one of the most successful investors in Ethiopia. Before the training, I had no clue about financial management. I even didn’t know the importance of a business plan. Now, I clearly understand that business is a science, and I am ready to start my business. I am sure that I will be successful. By the way, I am also sharing the content of the training with my friends and family members. I don’t want to be the only one with such an important knowledge…’."

Mitiku, Returnee

‘“My name is Helen and I have been coming to Nifas Silk Lafto Sub-city for the training being provided by ILO and WISE. The training was short, but I have gained a lot of knowledge and acquired practical skill in food preparation. Other returnees and I have learned how to develop a business plan for our business ideas as well as create and sustain a business. We have also understood that we can establish a business with good products despite limited resources. With the entrepreneurship, financial literacy training and vocation skills training provided to me on food preparation, I believe I am ready to start a business and I certain I will work diligently and enthusiastically. With the skills and knowledge acquired, I am confident that I can support myself and my family. Using this, she is convinced that she can support herself and her family. I wish to express my gratitude to the trainers WISE and partner organizations such as ILO for giving me such opportunity. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to my husband who encouraged me to take part in this training program and also supported me throughout the whole process. I highly encourage husbands to support their wives to take part in such opportunities and gain skills which in turn they can support their family and lead healthy and sustainable livelihood.”."

Helen, Returnee