African Regional Meeting in preparation for the 21st ICLS & Regional Capacity Building on Statistics concerning Child Labour and Social Protection

The main purpose of the Preparatory Regional Meeting is to bring the consultation and technical discussions to countries in Africa, to ensure that the revised draft standard to be prepared by the ILO adequately reflects the labour markets and labour force data priorities of countries in the region.

Specifically, the African regional meeting in preparation for the 21st International Conference of Labour Statisticians ( ICLS) will:
- Inform participants about the review process in preparation for the 21st ICLS.
- Present the current proposals for new international standards for statistics on the informal economy.
- Gather feedback and promote discussion among participants to generate new ideas and further refinements to the proposals.
- Share information about national experience with statistics on the informal sector and informal employment.


Reflecting the above objectives, the ILO will invite one representative from selected national statistical offices to attend the meeting as well as the African Union, African Development Bank, the UN Economic Commission for Africa and AFRISTAT. Relevant regional or intergovernmental agencies, and representatives of workers and employers may also participate. Moreover, participants will attend capacity building workshops on child labour and social protection statistics. All participants will be expected to have in-depth knowledge and experience with the collection, compilation and/or analysis of labour statistics.

Costs for participation

ILO will fund one participant from participating countries. Participating countries can also nominate additional participants for online participation.