Official launch

Launch of new ILO “100 Years, 100 Lives” digital platform in Africa

On Friday 7 June 2019, the ILO Regional Office for Africa will be launching its new web platform “100 years, 100 lives" to mark the International Labour Organisation’s centenary as well as 60 years of operations in Africa.

“100 Years, 100 Lives” has been designed to bring the UN labour agency closer to the general public. It features 100 stories of individuals or groups of people collected across 54 African countries and showcases their lives and how they have been positively influenced, directly or indirectly, by the ILO. These various articles and portraits provide numerous examples of the impact ILO has had on millions of people throughout Africa, since the creation of its first African office in Nigeria in 1959.

The official launch of this digital project will be held on 7 June at the ILO Regional Office for Africa in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. It will be chaired by Ms. Cynthia-Samuel Olonjuwon, ILO Regional Director for Africa.


  1. Demonstrate the relevance of the ILO's work in the world and particularly in Africa by showing through 100 stories how the organization contributes to improving the lives of individuals, communities and institutions.
  2. Highlight the potential and the dynamism of different people from all age groups in Africa in their daily efforts to positively change their lives and access decent work and social justice.
  3. Underline the cooperation between the ILO and various actors in the world of work, as well as the challenges to be met to promote sustainable development in Africa.