Strengthening Labour Inspection in Lesotho

The ILO is reinforcing the capacities of labour inspectors to improve occupational safety and health management and secure compliance with relevant legislation.

LESOTO (ILO News): ILO assists to strengthen the capacity of labour inspectors in Lesoto in conducting investigations into occupational accidents.  During a 3-day workshop, which is organised from 5 to 7 December, 2016, ILO provided training for ten inspectors in different areas: 
  •  Basic causes of incidents in the workplace
  •  Reporting of incidents
  •  Preparation of investigation kits
  •  Identifying the members of an investigation team
  •  The systematic investigation process
  •  Identification of the immediate and root causes of an incident
  •  Making recommendations to prevent recurrence of incidents

The objective of the training is to equip inspectors with basic knowledge and skills that help ensure effective investigations are conducted and lessons are learnt to reduce the likelihood of similar incidents recurring. Reporting occupational accidents and diseases was also highlighted as critical step to lay a sound foundation for the prevention of occupational accidents based on empirical data in the different sectors as well as the different types of trades.

The factors that are considered in occupations accidents are diseases or near misses to identify how and why the undesired event occurred; establish actions required to prevent a similar event thereby leading to an improvement in occupational safety and health management while securing compliance with relevant occupational safety and health legislation.

A basis of comparison should be provided at the national level in order to allow prevention action to be prioritized and pave the way for addressing risks associated with tasks across different sectors by labour inspectors when developing inspection planning strategies.