Zambia: Resources

  1. United Nations Development Assistance Framework for the Republic of Zambia 2 0 0 7 - 2 0 1 0

    14 July 2007

    The purpose of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) is to provide a comprehensive framework and approach through which the United Nations will collaborate with the Government of Zambia and channel its combined resources to Zambia during 2007-2010.

  2. Building the foundations for combating the worst forms of child labour in Anglophone Africa (Final Evaluation Summary)

    01 April 2006

    Project RAF/02/51/USA

  3. The youth employment challenge in southern Africa: Policy responses and programmes targeting young women and men at national and sub-regional level

    01 January 2005

  4. Working Action on HIV/AIDS

    01 November 2004

  5. Employers’ activities in the ILO/Danida Programme(Final Evaluation Summary)

    05 March 2003

    Project INT/01/27/DAN

  6. ILOAIDS Newsletter - Issue 2, October 2002

    01 October 2002

  7. ILOAIDS Newsletter - Issue 1, June 2002

    01 June 2002

  8. National Council for Construction to organise workshop on Green Building Practices and Technologies

    17 May 2000

    The National Council for Construction (NCC) in partnership with the Zambia Green Jobs Programme is organising a training workshop on green building practices and technologies targeting planners, architects and engineers to enhance skills and appreciation for green construction as well as building institutional capacity.