MOZMOD capacity-building

Ministry of Economy and Finance of Mozambique hosts innovative MOZMOD training in partnership with ILO and UNU-WIDER

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) of Mozambique, under the leadership of the National Direction of Economic and Development Policies (DNPED), is organizing a training centred around MOZMOD, the tax-benefit microsimulation model for Mozambique. This activity is taking place from 22 to 24 August 2023 in Boane District, Maputo Province, in collaboration with the ILO and UNU-WIDER.

ILO’s technical and financial support is being channelled through the United Nations Joint Programme on Social Protection (funded by Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and the Foreign & Development Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom, along with the IrishAid-ILO regional partnership on Accelerating the Achievement of Universal Social Protection to Leave No One Behind.

The utilization of MOZMOD has enabled MEF to enhance evidence-based policymaking, particularly in the realm of social protection programs and policies. By amalgamating household data related to incomes and expenditures with tax and existing benefit legislation, MOZMOD allows the simulation of diverse scenarios encompassing poverty, inequality, and government revenues. This unique capability has transformed MOZMOD into an indispensable analytical tool, facilitating the formulation of innovative policies and structural reforms.

Around 30 participants are attending this training, representing several State institutions, including the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MITSS), the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Action (MGCAS), the National Institute of Social Action (INAS), the National Institute of Social Providence (INPS), the Tax Authority (AT), the National Institute of Statistics (INE) and University Eduardo Mondlane (UEM).

As an offshoot of this training, participants will collaborate to produce a policy brief based on the application of the tool to analyse different scenarios regarding tax and social policies reforms and their socioeconomic impact.

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