Sudan: Resources

  1. Stabilization and early reintegration support for returnees in South Sudan

    01 January 2012

    The project builds upon a set of demonstration skills and enterprise training approaches that were piloted by the UN MDGF Achievement Fund Joint Programmes on Conflict Prevention and Peace Building and Youth Employment.

  2. Sustained Peace for Development: Conflict Prevention and Peace- Building in South Sudan

    10 December 2009

    The Sustained Peace for Development programme was a three year, multi‐agency project whose primary aim was to promote peace building and effective conflict management in the border areas between Sudan and South Sudan by strengthening capacity in national peace building institutions and increasing security and peace dividends for communities in the target areas.

  3. GET Ahead for Women in Enterprise Training Package and Resource Kit

    01 January 2004

    The training package Gender and Entrepreneurship Together – GET Ahead for Women in Enterprise – aims to assist ILO partner organizations in promoting enterprise development among women in poverty who want to start or are already engaged in small-scale business.