Sudan: Resources

  1. IGAD launches the process towards the establishment of a sectoral committee on labour and employment

    02 June 2021

  2. UN Agencies and IGAD Secretariat launch a regional initiative to address migration and climate change in East Africa

    25 May 2021

  3. Strengthening tripartism at IGAD Region

    21 May 2021

  4. Ten Year Action Plan on the Eradication of Child Labour, Forced Labour, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery In Africa (2020-2030): Agenda 2063-SDG Target 8.7

    06 April 2021

    The Action Plan seeks to contribute to and support the acceleration of progress towards the achievement of the Agenda 2063 – SDG 8.7 target. This involves ending child labour by 2025 and forced labour, human trafficking and modern slavery by 2030. The target population are children, women and men who are victims of or vulnerable to the forms of exploitation addressed by the Agenda 2063 - SDG 8.7 target.

  5. IGAD region Labour Market Assessment reports: eight upcoming reports

    10 March 2021

  6. South Sudan Labour Market Analysis with a focus on MW in the IGAD region

    04 January 2021

  7. Communicating on labour migration: Improving media coverage and quality of reporting on labour migration in the IGAD region

    16 December 2020

  8. Participants thought about the Labour Migration Analysis virtual meetings

    10 December 2020

  9. ILO Webinar Examines Impact of COVID-19 on African Migrant Workers in the SADC and IGAD Regions

    07 December 2020

    In response to impacts of COVID-19 to migrant workers, the ILO encourages countries of origin and destination to develop mechanisms to implement policy responses that support the protection of migrant workers’ rights.

  10. ILO strengthens the effort of labour migration governance experts in the IGAD region

    20 October 2020