UN Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) South Africa Transition

Close Out Ceremony

Article | Pretoria, South AFRICA | 28 October 2022

 On 28 October 2022, PAGE Partners and the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment met to mark and celebrate a 7 Year successful collaboration and partnership with the Government of South Africa. Key addresses were made by different key stakeholders and UN Agencies that have supported the PAGE’s journey over the past 7 years and have walked this journey together.

Various stakeholders, from UN Agencies, private sector, civil society and research institutions participated in this event, which symbolize a PAGE Transition Ceremony to facilitate continued long-term action towards building an Inclusive Green Economy in South Africa.
PAGE South Africa video was shared, which highlighted the journey of South Africa’s work towards Just Transition from when it joined PAGE in 2015. This was in addition to the progress that the country had been making with the signing of the Green Economy Accord (2011) and making sustainable development and just transition a priority in the National Development Plan.

This Close Out ceremony, provided an opportunity to showcase the progress made by national stakeholders towards Inclusive Green Economy and a green recovery, and as a means of attaining sustainable development and climate change priorities, through PAGE and other national or internationally supported initiatives. With this transition, capturing of new challenges and opportunities as PAGE South Africa looks at sustainability plan and partnerships to sustain PAGE’s work over the longer term.

In his remarks, ILO OIC Redha Ameur, highlighted government’s role “The results achieved are impressive and due to strong government leadership, effective policy coordination, solid interministerial collaboration and policy implementation for a green economy transformation addressing unemployment challenges and the needs of young people.”
All five agencies of PAGE presented, and all shared the impact and success of the PAGE Programme in South Africa as well as progress made towards SDG’s 4,8,9,12 and lastly SDG 17 on Partnership for the Goals.
The Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment presented key lessons learned and concluded on the plan, post the PAGE Programme to ensure its sustainability. These key areas include, Governance, Economic Modelling, Green Business Guideline for SMMEs, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs amongst others.