Labour Force Survey Launch in Somaliland

Hargeisa, ILO News- The Government of Somaliland launched the Labour Force Survey for Somaliland at Maan-soor Hotel, Hargeisa

Hargeisa, ILO News -

The Government of Somaliland launched the Labour Force Survey for Somaliland on 31 October 2013 at Maan-soor Hotel, Hargeisa as part of its ongoing work to better understand the employment issues faced by Somalilanders.

Labour Force Survey was first of its kind since Somaliland’s independence. The Labour Force Survey covered sample of 1656 households in three districts: Borama, Hargeisa and Burao. The Government of Somaliland was delighted to share the findings of the Labour Force Survey which will ease the scarcity of labour market information which is a challenge for Somaliland Government, academia, businesses and developments partners for primary data on the labour market.

The Labour Force Survey data is owned by the Somaliland Government and it provides accurate and regular data on employment to guide policy and development in the country.The government also recognises the significance of labour market information to address employment matters, specifically decent work which is vital route for Somalilanders to alleviate poverty and to improve their livelihoods.

The government plans to develop the capacity of its institutions to analyse data and disseminate labour market information to the public and private sector. In addition, they are committed to work together with all stakeholders and lead the way in initiating and tackling the unemployment issue in Somaliland.

The Government of Somaliland, Ministry of Labour and Social Affair and Ministry of National Planning wishes to thanks the ILO and other stakeholders who supported the success of the Labour Force Survey. The Government of Somaliland believes that this process will put Somaliland on the right track to achieving the MDG Target (1.B): “achieving full and productive employment and decent work for all, including women and young people”.