Resources on Labour migration in Africa

November 2018

  1. African Development Bank ILO Cooperation: Factsheet

    08 November 2018

    The African Development Bank and ILO: Enhancing cooperation on creating decent jobs for youth, labour migration and mobility and the future of work in Africa to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all.

October 2018

  1. Adopting fair and effective labour migration and mobility governance

    15 October 2018

    ILO launches a training on Adopting Fair and Effective Labour Migration and Mobility Governance for IGAD and its Member States

  2. Mapping of stakeholders working on migration in Ethiopia

    08 October 2018

    Mapping of stakeholders working on migration in Ethiopia was validated by the Ethiopian Federal Attorney General Office and the ILO.

September 2018

  1. Brochure _ Project on addressing root causes of migration in Ethiopia

    01 September 2018

August 2018

  1. ILO and IOM join forces to improve labour migration governance in Africa

    23 August 2018

    ILO and IOM sign a Memorandum of Understanding on effective labour migration governance in Africa.

  2. International Labour Organization, Deputy Regional Director for Africa Visits Zambia

    22 August 2018

    The Deputy Regional Director for Africa, of the International Labour Organization, Mr. Peter van Rooij is visiting Lusaka from 10th to 12th November.

  3. ILO Highlights the Need for Decent Work and Labour Standards for Migrant Workers

    10 August 2018

    In light of the Crisis and challenges of Migration, the International Labour Organization (ILO) at the Request of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), provided support, specifically to inaugurate a National Trade Union Platform on Labour Migration in Nigeria to enhance better understanding and support proper coordination of Migration.

July 2018

  1. Public employment services provision and labour market information collection and utilization

    01 July 2018

    This assessment was able to provide a comprehensive analysis of existing employment services provision systems, process and labour market information system as well as key labour market institutions and assess the extent of its efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, it provides an in depth analysis of the system and process of existing public employment services in Ethiopia and identifies the capacity gap of MoLSA on the effective response to labour market supply and demand dynamics and the overall employment service provision systems and processes.

June 2018

  1. Validation of "How Immigrant Contribute to South Africa's Economy" in Pretoria (ECLM project)

    An event was held in Pretoria on 27 June 2018 to validate the report, "How Immigrants Contribute to South Africa's Economy". The draft report was produced in the context of the project "Assessing the economic contribution of labour migration in developing countries as countries of destination" (ECLM). The agenda for this event can be downloaded below.

  2. The first youth employability services centre inaugurated in Bahir Dar, Amhara region, Ethiopia

    25 June 2018

    A youth employability services (YES) center – a first for Ethiopia was officially inaugurated on 19th June 2018. The YES centre is a joint initiative between the Government of Ethiopia and International Labour Organization (ILO) under the project on ‘Addressing the Root Causes of Migration in Ethiopia’ which is part of the program ‘Stemming Irregular migration in Northern and Central Ethiopia’ (SINCE) implemented by the Italian Embassy in Ethiopia and funded by the European Union Trust Fund (EUTF) for Africa.