Resources on Labour migration in Africa

July 2013

  1. Improving the quality of available statistics on foreign labour in South Africa: Strategic recommendations

    02 July 2013

  2. Improving the quality of available statistics on foreign labour in South Africa: Existing data-sets

    02 July 2013

  3. A region without borders? Policy frameworks for regional labour migration towards South Africa

    02 July 2013

  4. Labour migration by numbers: South Africa’s foreign and domestic migration data

    01 July 2013

March 2013

  1. Capacity building of cocoa and agriculture extension officers and other key partners on child labour - Report

    31 March 2013

    The activity is to enhance the capacity of the extensions services in the provision of relevant support to farmers to improve cocoa and other agriculture production through effective Occupational Safety and Health measures, actions against child labour, especially with respect to hazardous work, including their active participation in the Ghana Child Labour Monitoring System (GCLMS).

  2. Improving the governance of labour migration and the protection of migrant workers’ rights in Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Egypt

    01 March 2013

    In the North Africa region, unemployment, underemployment, informality of employment and decent work deficits triggered the social unrest leading to the 2011 revolutions and contributed to the ongoing political transformation processes.

January 2013

  1. Development of a Tripartite Framework for the Support and Protection of Ethiopian women Domestic Migrant Workers to the GCC States, Lebanon and Sudan

    01 January 2013

    This project aims at better protecting decent work standards at work and the human rights of women migrant domestic workers from Ethiopia and the Somali region throughout the process of migration – from their place of origin to their destination. The project places special emphasis on young women.

June 2012

  1. Desk research to identify available statistical data on labour migration and human trafficking in Nigeria

    01 June 2012

    Labout migration is an important component of migration. In resent years. labour migration has become popular. According to ILO (2004), as at 2000 there were 175 million international migrants equivalent in number to be the world's fifth most populous country. In 1991, migrants from ECOWAS countries into Nigeria constituted the highest mainly from Ghana, Gambia, Sierra Leone among others, and followed by migrants from Europe.

December 2009

  1. National AIDS Commission Republic of Liberia, National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework II 2010‐ 2014

    31 December 2009

    The National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework II succeeds the first NSF, which expired in 2007, to guide Liberia’s national HIV response for the period 2010-2014.

February 1998

  1. Labour Migration to South Africa in the 1990s

    11 February 1998

    This paper addresses the question of contemporary labour migration in the SADC region — a key issue of debate and policy-making in the 1990s which has direct implications for future political, economic and employment development at national and regional level.