Resources on Labour migration in Africa

December 2020

  1. Labour Migration Reporting Awards

    18 December 2020

    Statement by Gloria Moreno Fontes, Regional Labour Migration and Mobility Specialist, ILO Regional Bureau for Africa.

  2. African journalists win awards for excellence in labour migration reporting

    18 December 2020

  3. Celebrating Excellence in Labour Migration Reporting in Africa

  4. Communicating on labour migration: Improving media coverage and quality of reporting on labour migration in the IGAD region

    16 December 2020

  5. Development of a national action plan for Uganda

    The FAIRWAY Programme conducted a two day planning workshop with key migration national stakeholders in Uganda, with the goal of developing a national action plan.

  6. Participants thought about the Labour Migration Analysis virtual meetings

    10 December 2020

  7. ILO Webinar Examines Impact of COVID-19 on African Migrant Workers in the SADC and IGAD Regions

    07 December 2020

    In response to impacts of COVID-19 to migrant workers, the ILO encourages countries of origin and destination to develop mechanisms to implement policy responses that support the protection of migrant workers’ rights.

  8. ILO Webinar: Impact Assessment of COVID-19 on African Migrant Workers

    The webinar will have the objective of disseminating the results of the report “Impact assessment of COVID 19 on Migrant Workers in and from the IGAD Region” and presenting the preliminary results of the report “Rapid Impact Assessment of COVID-19 on Migrant Workers in SADC”.

November 2020

  1. New report shines light on labour migration statistics in Africa

    18 November 2020

  2. Report on Labour Migration Statistics in Africa (Second Edition)

    18 November 2020

    This publication demonstrates the sustained commitment of the African Union Commission to provide member states, regional economic communities and partners with tools that can help them make meaningful decisions on migration governance.