Resources on Labour migration in Africa

October 2021

  1. Towards improved coordination and action on labour and employment issues in the IGAD region

    19 October 2021

  2. Ugandan stakeholders adapt the ILO media toolkit on reporting on forced labour and fair recruitment for use in Uganda

    15 October 2021

    Following consultations with various stakeholders and desk reviews that informed the adaptation of the media toolkit, Ugandan stakeholders, with support from ILO, convened on 14th-15th October 2021 to review and validate the adapted media toolkit on reporting on forced labour and fair recruitment. The adapted toolkit will be used to build capacity of media practitioners, for improved reportage and effective engagement issues of on forced labour and fair recruitment.

September 2021

  1. ILO Strengthens Capacity of Media and Civil Society Organizations for Effective Reportage and Engagement in the area of Forced Labour and Fair Recruitment in Nigeria

    01 September 2021

    In a bid to address knowledge and capacity gaps of stakeholders, including media and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the area of forced labour, the International Labour Organization (ILO) validated the global media toolkit on Forced Labour Reporting and Fair Recruitment contextualized for use in Nigeria from 23 – 24 August.

August 2021

  1. Terms of Reference: Situation of Women Migrant Workers in the IGAD Region

    26 August 2021

    The objective of this study is to undertake a gender analysis of migration and highlight the situation of women migrant workers in the IGAD Region. The study is expected to describe and present data , including where possible quantitative information on about the characteristics of women migrant workers, its size/magnitude and their working conditions including wages/income, rights and principles at work, sectors where they are concentrated, representation in trade unions and employers organizations/business associations, and coverage in social protection systems, among other things.

July 2021

  1. IGAD Region Media Competition on reporting Labour Migration

    29 July 2021

  2. ILO Supports the Federal Government of Nigeria to validate the Revised National Policy on Labour Migration

    21 July 2021

    Towards strengthening the national policy environment that facilitates effective labour migration and adequately protects and promotes rights of all migrant workers, the International Labour Organization supported the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment to convene a two-day stakeholders’ workshop rom 7 – 8 July, 2021 to validate the revised National Policy on Labour Migration (NPLM).

June 2021

  1. FAIRWAY Programme Kenya and KUDHEIHA promote migrant workers’ education

    In light of the increasing number of migrant domestic workers seeking employment opportunities in the Gulf and other Arab States, the ILO FAIRWAY Programme in Kenya joined hands with the Kenya Union of Domestic, Hotels, Educational Institutions and Hospital Workers (KUDHEIHA) to conduct four workshops to raise awareness of intending migrant workers and returnees on the ILO General principles and Operational Guidelines for Fair Recruitment.

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    ILO FAIRWAY supports returning Ethiopian migrant workers

    14 June 2021

  3. Job Portal developed in Uganda

    14 June 2021

  4. Analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on returns of Nigerian migrant workers through media monitoring

    14 June 2021